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Inside Dentistry
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

ToothShield™ Tooth Protector and Impact Deflector

Protecting young, healthy smiles

Figure 1 | Dentists spend much time treating patients, especially children and teenagers who have suffered sports-related trauma to the teeth. Crown fractures, root fractures, subluxations, avulsions, and combinations of these injuries are common. The best way to eliminate, or at least minimize, such dental damage is by use of custom-fitted mouthguards, vacuum-formed on a stone or plaster maxillary arch cast in the laboratory. Some dentists fabricate these in their offices, and others record an impression and have the mouthguard fabricated in a commercial dental laboratory. Another option is the store-bought “boil-and-bite” type of mouthguard. When accomplished ideally, these mouthguards can be useful. However, parents and patients have varying abilities to make the boil-and-bite devices satisfactorily. Often, due to expense or practical considerations, a custom-formed or boil-and-bite mouthguard is not available. An inexpensive, universal fit, “out-of-the-package-into-the-mouth” tooth protector would be a welcome alternative. Practicon’s ToothShield™ is such a device.

Developed in a leading pediatric practice after years of research, ToothShield is a patented, multi-use, semi-disposable mouthguard that protects teeth from impact-related trauma during sports or any recreational activity that puts teeth at risk. ToothShield is an inexpensive, ready-to-use, sanitary alternative that adapts instantly to young children as well as teenagers. Six-year-olds and 16-year-olds are equally comfortable wearing a ToothShield, and so are most young athletes wearing orthodontic appliances, as it will adapt to almost any mouth instantly without having to mold or boil the tooth protector. You can simply remove it from the package and place in the mouth. ToothShield also has large vents to ensure comfortable breathing while in use.

The innovative design of ToothShield virtually eliminates gagging and helps keep it in place. The upper front flange can be trimmed for smaller mouths. The body of the device protects against impact and deflects forces away from the teeth. In the case of a blow to the chin, the resilient bite plane prevents the lower teeth from crunching against the upper teeth. Overwhelmingly, parents and youngsters who have used ToothShield are rating it very highly. ToothShield is manufactured in the United States and is made of a soft, flexible, thermoplastic elastomer that has been FDA approved for use in the mouth. They are sold in packages of three individually wrapped shields in Froggy Green or Banana Yellow colors.

Practicon Inc. distributes the highest quality and most durable tooth protector to keep children and teenagers from injuring their young, healthy smiles. Today’s active children and teenagers should keep their teeth protected and where custom-fitted mouthguards are not feasible, ToothShield can make a difference.

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