Inside Dentistry
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

Sheer White! Whitening System

A system for better ROI and happier patients

Figure 1 | Teeth whitening is the most commonly requested cosmetic procedure today, yet many dental practices struggle to justify promoting it from an economic perspective. In today’s practice, the average dental chair time costs roughly $400/hour.* Whitening procedures average 1 hour of chair time, making the financial math difficult.

To make whitening profitable, practices must charge $500 to $650 for in-office service, which is a tough sell to patients that can buy over-the-counter products for under $100 and who may not see the added value of professional whitening. As a promotional tactic to obtain and retain patients, some offices offer whitening at little or no cost. However, because the service isn’t profitable, there is little motivation to fully implement the program, provide proper staff training, or create staff incentives for conversion. The profit equation for in-office whitening changes completely with the revolutionary Sheer White!® System.

Sheer White! In-Office Strips take only 1 minute of chair time to apply and then the patient can go home to complete the initial whitening experience. The return on investment of a 1-minute whitening conversion adds tremendous value to your practice. Your office can easily charge $150 to $180 for the Sheer White! System, which includes the Sheer White! In-Office treatment and a Sheer White! Take-Home kit. Utilizing this system, the average practice can create additional revenue potential exceeding $200,000** per year by actively promoting whitening, not to mention that patients are thrilled to receive professional in-office whitening treatment without requiring additional appointments. The initial in-office application provides an immediate three-shade improvement, which thrills patients.

The system includes in-office whitening strips with 20% hydrogen peroxide and 5-day take-home whitening strips with 20% carbamide peroxide. The in-office and take-home strips can be used together or independently for whitening applications.

Sheer White! whitening strips are made of a proprietary polymer substrate and no mess gelatin that has a wax-like feel. The strip will mold securely to the contours of teeth and stay in place after contacting with the tooth surface so the patient can go about their day without restriction. Speech is normal and the wearer can even drink water during use. The unique formulation works with saliva to create a seal that reduces leakage and maximizes uptake of the active whitening agent. Sheer White! has a refreshing mint flavor and when the Sheer White! In-Office treatment is used with Sheer White! Take-Home, patients see up to an average of eight shade changes in 5 days.

*Michael Koceja, DDS. Camas, Washington.
**Based on an average seven prophys/day, 200 work days, and $150 whitening revenue/patient.

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