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Inside Dentistry
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

HandsOn Professional Nitrile PF Gloves

Figure 1 | I have been practicing family dentistry since 1978, with my first 18 years in Oklahoma. We vacationed in Galveston regularly and fell in love with the island and its people. My family and I moved here in 1996 and it has been our home ever since. I am proud to have become part of this wonderful community.

I practice conservative dentistry using all the latest techniques and materials to make certain we deliver the most up-to-date and highest quality of care to patients. I take the time to listen and get to know my patients, so together we can come up with a customized plan to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile. The long-term relationships I have developed with my patients who desire and appreciate individualized care and attention is why I still look forward to coming to work every day and enjoy being a dentist.

Throughout the years, my staff and I have tried numerous brands of gloves, always striving to find the best quality and most comfortable fit to benefit both the staff and patients. We are so happy to have found Darby’s HandsOn Professional Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves.

Because my practice offers general, cosmetic, and orthodontic dentistry, the use of a quality glove is very important. We prefer to use nitrile gloves so we do not have to worry about cross contamination for patients with latex allergies. We also prefer powder-free in my office because it eliminates potential problems such as powder under nails, on uniforms, or on our patients. We have been using Darby’s HandsOn Professional Nitrile PF Exam Gloves for about 1 year now and we all agree that the quality is outstanding and they are priced very competitively.

These ultra-thin gloves provide superior protection and comfort. They are durable and puncture-resistant, which everyone agrees are important features. They fit superbly, and are perfect for the varying sizes of small, medium, and large hands throughout my staff population. The tactile component is exceptional while handling instruments, medicaments, and cements. The fingertip texture allows for an optimal grip and dexterity even when wet. In addition, these gloves are available in a 300-count box, which is an added bonus as it saves space in my office and reduces waste. Overall, Darby’s HandsOn Professional Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves. are a staple in my office because of their exceptional comfort, protection, price, gripping, tactile sensitivity, and optimal grip.

Darby Dental Supply is one of the leading distributors of dental supplies. They not only provide products in a timely fashion, but also keep my costs low, minimizing my need to worry about getting quality products at affordable prices.

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