Inside Dentistry
August 2016
Volume 12, Issue 8

New Products

A | Beautifil II Pink & White

Beautifil II gingiva- and enamel-colored resin composites are fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nanohybrid restorative materials in pink and white shades. The new color modules are highly filled, demonstrate high flexural and compressive strength, maintain excellent color stability before and offer Giomer benefits clinically vetted in 8- and 13-year studies.

B | Sheer White Strips In-Office

Sheer White In-Office whitening strips are easy to apply/remove, taste good, and provide up to eight shades improvement when coupled with a personal take-home kit. The patient can talk, drink water, and even leave your office after application. The Sheer White! Complete whitening system provides a comprehensive solution that whitens teeth, improves patient smiles, and contributes a significant new opportunity for maintaining a profitable practice.

C | CHAIRSIDE Massad® Edentulous Low Temp Impression Trays

These thermoplastic stock impression trays allow for superior full-arch impressions with as much detail as a custom tray. These trays are thermoplastic and easily formed and adapted in patients’ mouths, and are fully adjustable in 1 minute, ensuring accurate results and efficiency.

D | NoCord™ VPS Impressioning System

NoCord VPS is a self-retracting impressioning system that retracts gingiva, controls bleeding, and delivers an accurate, final impression all in one system. system. NoCord VPS makes impression taking easier, more predictable, and more assured.

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