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Inside Dentistry
July 2016
Volume 12, Issue 7

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Beautifil-Bulk Restorative— Fluoride-Releasing Nanohybrid Bulk Composites

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Beautifil-Bulk Restorative are Shofu’s Giomer bulk materials. They effectively integrate clinical benefits of S-PRG technology proven to prevent secondary caries formation with a fast and easy bulk-fill system that fully polymerizes at 4 mm depth of cure. Unique chameleon-like optical properties of the bulk materials help achieve a balance between light dispersion and transmission to match the opacity of surrounding teeth. Available in ergonomic syringes and tips, universal and dentin shades, Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Restorative deliver brilliant esthetics in a fast and convenient bulk-like manner.

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable

Ideal as base and liner in classes I and II
• Exceptional handling and self-leveling for optimal adaptation to any cavity floor
• High level of radiopacity
• Continuous fluoride release and recharge for effective neutralization of bacteria

Beautifil-Bulk Restorative

• Suitable for all posterior restorations
• Optimal translucency for esthetic shade reproduction
• Outstanding condensability and sculptability to create durable and visually-appealing results
• Inclusive of beneficial ions (fluoride, sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate, and boron) to reinforce acid resistance and anti-plaque attributes


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