Inside Dentistry
June 2016
Volume 12, Issue 6

Super-Snap and Super-Snap X-Treme Disk Systems

The efficient and easy solution for finishing and polishing

Figure 1 | Shofu’s Super-Snap and Super-Snap X-Treme disks are designed to provide easy, fast, and safe contouring, finishing, polishing, and super-polishing of all composite materials. The Super-Snap X-Treme module offers an excellent alternative for polishing of Class 5 restorations where achieving superior esthetics is a chief component of a successful treatment.

Available in two disk sizes, this four-step, color-coded disk arrangement corresponds to a step in a finishing and polishing process. The ultrathin and highly flexible coarse black and medium-coarse violet disks effectively contour and finish the composite surface, even in interproximal areas, while the fine green and super-fine red disks conclude the process, leaving the restoration surface with a wet and glossy sheen. To accomplish a beautiful glass-like finish, Shofu recommends following the four-step procedure, starting with the black disks, then progressing to the violet and green disks, and culminating with the red disks.

The surface of each Super-Snap abrasive contains either silicone carbide (black and violet) or aluminum oxide (green and red), and is manufactured without a metal hub—a feature that restrains scuffing and gauging of composite materials. All Super-Snap disks comfortably fit into an included contra-angle mandrel.

Engineered with a revolutionary 3D abrasive technology originally developed for the semiconductor industry, the red disks demonstrate a supreme combination of tactility, elasticity, and durability. Their flexible surface smoothly follows the natural curvature of the tooth, penetrating even the most challenging interproximal areas. Their semispherically-shaped grits enable more effective discharge of debris, preventing the clogging and formation of secondary surface scratches. The disks also generate less heat than similar competitive systems, further decreasing the possibility of denaturing the resin surface.

In a research report comparing the gloss of assorted restorative composites finished and polished with varied abrasive systems, Shofu’s Super-Snap X-Treme consistently demonstrated greater gloss and overall performance.1

All Super-Snap abrasives come in refills of two disk sizes, 8 mm and 12 mm. To achieve the finest results, the disks should be used with light pressure, without water, in a slow-speed handpiece, at 10,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm.

Shofu’s Super-Snap and Super-Snap X-Treme systems are a paradigm of an intuitive all-inclusive composite finishing and polishing solution.


1. Yapp R, Powers JM. Gloss of a composite finished with Super-Snap X-Treme and two other polishing systems. Research report. The Dental Advisor. 2014; 60:7.

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