Inside Dentistry
June 2016
Volume 12, Issue 6

Inside My Practice with Bob Margeas

Robert Margeas, DDS

In this column, I highlight products that help me practice at the highest level. I am not paid by any of the companies I mention and all opinions are my own. Send questions or comments to rmargeas@aegiscomm.com.

Touch Dental


Figure 1 | Touch Dental allows me to offer my patients the ultimate interactive ROX (Return on Experience) before, during, or after their consultation and treatments.

Using this cloud-based software, I can illustrate using each individual patient’s images, and then save all of their images, x-rays, videos, and illustrations to the Patient Portal, allowing them to relive their consultation and treatments at home and share it with their significant other, family, or friends.

I am also very excited about the Touch Dental Re-Touch™ feature. Re-Touch allows me to provide case treatments to remote patients and give my existing patients who have not followed through with treatment a clear understanding of why they need to come in for that treatment.

I have discovered Touch Dental to be an unparalleled combination of case presentation, communication, and marketing with a HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal.

Gemini™ Laser

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Figure 2 | I like the new Gemini laser from Ultradent for its simplicity and sleek design. It is the first dual-wavelength soft-tissue laser available in the United States. I like the pre-initiated disposable tips because it can sometimes be a difficult process. Its design allows you to pick a number of different procedures that are on the digital screen from gingivectomy, troughing, and implant recovery to name a few.

The Gemini is the most powerful soft-tissue diode laser available. The 20 watts of power means faster and smoother cutting. It has a bluetooth wireless foot pedal for easy transport from room to room. The autoclavable handpiece makes for easy sterilization. I also like the light at the tip for greater vision.

I have used the laser for gingival recontouring and troughing. This product is another winner from the fine products available from Ultradent.

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