Inside Dentistry
June 2016
Volume 12, Issue 6

Gemini™ 810 + 980 Soft Tissue Laser

Provide the safest, most effective treatment faster

Figure 1 | The new Gemini™ 810 + 980 soft-tissue laser was designed in response to dentists’ complaints about soft-tissue diode lasers—mainly their slow speed compared to traditional cutting methods. Diode laser technology allows dentists to cut, cauterize nerve endings, coagulate, decontaminate, and biostimulate simultaneously, however, there was a growing need for a laser that would cut faster, especially on larger cases.

Ultradent’s objective in bringing the Gemini dual-wavelength laser to the market was to provide a diode laser that was compact, cost-effective, and cut faster and smoother than other currently available lasers. Previously, there were higher-wattage diode lasers that enabled fast cutting, but they were continuous-wave systems that generated more heat and collateral damage. As a result, diode lasers became increasingly lower in average power output, down to 2 or 3 watts.

The Gemini laser overcomes the problems associated with the high- and low-wattage lasers of the past. It is unique in that it can use 20 watts of peak power without causing excess thermal damage because the power is delivered in short pulses and the time between pulses—the thermal relaxation period during which the tissue is able to cool—is longer.

Gemini’s dual wavelengths, 810 nm for maximum melanin absorption and 980 nm for optimal water absorption, actually offer three different modes. The two different wavelengths can be fired individually at 10-watt power, or they can be stacked and fired at 20-watt peak power. Gemini uses the highest peak power of any diode because it only fires in a pulsed mode, not continuous, giving tissue the chance to cool between pulses.

The 19 presets adjust for the most effective power and pulse settings for different procedures. In addition, the tip of the handpiece illuminates to provide better visibility at the surgical site.

In summary, the Gemini laser is an easy-to-use, efficient, dual-wavelength soft-tissue diode laser that provides fast, smooth cutting, and is ideal for a variety of procedures.

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To view an informational video about the Gemini laser, visit dentalaegis.com/go/id1150.

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