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Inside Dentistry
May 2016
Volume 12, Issue 5

New to the Market

A | Bayshore Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Diagnostic wax-ups from Bayshore Dental Studio are an ideal planning tool for all clinical cases. Using esthetic white wax diagnostic wax-ups, every aspect of the case can be controlled to assure the best possible outcome. More importantly, clinicians can increase patient acceptance with a model of what you can do for their smile.

B | DryDent® Sublingual

DryDent Sublingual is an ultra-absorbent pad that collects saliva produced by the sublingual and submandibular glands. With its super absorbent qualities and soft material design, clinicians can maintain a dry oral environment during a variety of procedures and enhance patient comfort. For optimal collection of unwanted moisture, clinicians should place the pad under the patient’s tongue.

C | DEFEND Plus Glider Barrier Envelopes

This product allows dental professionals to quickly and easily glide PSPs into the envelope. Once x-rays are completed, the center seam allows the user to tear open the envelope and start the developing process without ever touching the plate. DEFEND Plus Glider Barrier Envelopes can be used with virtually any system, and are available is sizes 0, 1, and 2.

D | PDT Surgical Instruments

This line of hygiene and periodontal instrumentation includes precise and gentle crown removers, as well as scalpel handles with adjustable angles and ejectable blades for clinical convenience. Their ergonomic elevator handles are designed to facilitate precise and predictable results without sacrificing comfort.


PREAT’s latest app is the first to offer a comprehensive reference manual for implants. Clinicians can now identify implants, survey abutment, and attachment options, and assess implant torque values and profile screw compatibility, all with the touch of finger. Available on all Apple iPad devices, clinicians can even chat with a PREAT technician to help with case design or questions.


The 3i T3 Short Implant provides a familiar surgical protocol without the need for vertical grafting procedures. The implant features an increased implant/abutment clamping force when using the Gold-Tite® Screw, and its instrumentation is designed to create a tight implant-to-osteotomy fit to enhance primary stability.

G | Ca-Lok Flowable Adhesive Calcium Base/Liner

With its flowable viscosity and unique handling, Ca-Lok is indicated for all deep cavity preparations. It creates tooth-integrating adhesion that seals out microleakage and eliminates sensitivity.

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