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Inside Dentistry
April 2016
Volume 12, Issue 4

CEREC® Zirconia and CEREC SpeedFire Furnace

Put single-visit zirconia in your practice with CEREC

Figure 1 | Dentsply Sirona now provides a completely new process in the dental practice by combining the new CEREC SpeedFire furnace and CEREC Zirconia for chairside application. Sintering full-contour, pre-shaded zirconia restorations in a single visit is now possible with the CEREC SpeedFire furnace.

The CEREC SpeedFire furnace is capable of sintering a full-contour zirconia crown in 10 to 15 minutes.* After sintering, it can immediately switch to glazing mode and is used to glaze zirconia milled with CEREC. Designed for seamless integration into the CEREC workflow, the CEREC SpeedFire allows clinicians to offer their patients the strength of zirconia in a single visit. The process is simple: design and mill restorations as usual, and then sinter with CEREC SpeedFire. Finish with CEREC SpeedGlaze spray and the restoration is ready to seat using conventional cementation—no bonding required.

The CEREC SpeedFire furnace is an induction-based heating device developed to sinter zirconia in less than 15 minutes, and has such a small footprint that it can fit into almost any practice. It can glaze the material as well.

CEREC SpeedFire has a fully-integrated workflow via the CEREC software, which allows for an easy transition to single-visit zirconia restorations. No manual programming is required—the CEREC System sends the correct firing schedule for the case at hand directly to the furnace.

With the CEREC SpeedFire furnace, the CEREC MC X and CEREC MC XL Practice Lab now have the option for dry milling and wet milling. Perfecting fast-milling results without drying time is key to single-visit zirconia dentistry. By dry milling the restoration and placing it directly into the furnace, users can achieve unbelievable anatomic control and fit of restorations. The milling unit can even switch between wet and dry modes instantly for maximum utilization of CEREC Zirconia and glass ceramics.

*Total sintering time is dependent upon the size and volume of the crown.

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