Inside Dentistry
March 2016
Volume 12, Issue 3

Revolutionary Power and Control

SIROLaser Advance’s unique wavelength offers greater efficiency

Alfred D. Wyatt Jr., DMD

Figure 1 | Continuing their dental technology legacy of more than 130 years, Sirona Dental, Inc. introduced the SIROLaser Advance Diode Laser, which is built around a compact, revolutionary 970-nm soft tissue laser that offers me powerful options that benefit my practice.

Oral soft tissue is more than 70% water,1 and SIROLaser’s 970-nm wavelength has approximately twelve times more absorption in water than the 8l0-nm wavelength of most other diodes.2 This increased absorption in the tissue allows the SIROLaser Advance to transfer energy optically as well as thermally. This means its ability to remove tissue (ablating) and bacteria is significantly better than other diode wavelengths. The SIROLaser Advance’s high peak power and very short, digitally controlled pulses allow laser energy to be delivered with a low average power to the tissue with enhanced efficiency. Therefore, tissue is readily vaporized without charring, and I can get exceptional accuracy with controlled depth penetration and coagulation. In addition, using water irrigation during the procedure further enhances SIROLaser Advance’s effectiveness while cooling the surrounding tissue to minimize collateral thermal damage to the remaining tissue.The SIROLaser Advance also allows practitioners to perform a wide range of soft tissue procedures from frenectomies, biopsies, and implant recovery to gingival toughing, sulcular debridement, operculectomy, and pulpotomy. My patients appreciate that this laser can treat aphthous ulcers without anesthetic.

The system’s touchscreen navigation, user prompts, and easy-to-understand menu icons really create a user-friendly experience. Users can choose either an ergonomic handpiece with integrated finger switch or a wireless foot control. The cordless and portable system uses highly bendable single-use cannulas, and an easily adjustable fiber tip length to enhance access to hard-to-reach areas. The preset parameters allow clinicians to customize and label their desired settings for any procedure. Additionally, practices with more than one user can create separate profiles of favorite settings.

The SIROLaser Advance combines the best wavelength with the necessary power and control to obtain optimal treatment results. This 970-nm class soft tissue laser is the ultimate in portability and is the most ergonomic laser on the market.

About the Author

Alfred D. Wyatt Jr., DMD, is an assistant professor of oral rehabilitation at the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. He is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, owns a private general practice, and lectures internationally. He also serves on the dental hygiene advisory board of Atlanta Technical Institute, the ADA working group on laser use in the dental practice, and is a dental editor for WebMD.


1. Water facts. Water Information Program website. http://www.waterinfo.org/resources/water-facts. Accessed February 3rd, 2016.

2. Cecchetti W, Guazzieri S, Tasca A, et al. 980-nm diode laser and fiber optic resectoscope in endourological surgery. SPIE Proceedings.1996;2922. doi: 10.1117/12.260699.

key takeaways

• Touchscreen with intelligent menu navigation
• Preset therapy programs
• Individual user profiles with personalized access codes
• Light-touch finger switch for total ease of use

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