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Inside Dentistry
March 2016
Volume 12, Issue 3


Bisco, Inc.

Figure 1 | I’ve been using different versions of All-Bond products since about 1990. There are a couple things that make this fourth-generation adhesive unique. All-Bond TE is an ethanol-based adhesive, which makes it a little more user-friendly. It’s also packaged in a clicker-type dispenser, where uniform drops of the two components of the adhesive are dispensed, and you mix it and apply it to the tooth. When you have two bottles, an A and a B, sometimes the drop you get from one bottle will be bigger when you do things by hand, so it’s nice to have a delivery system that assists with uniformity and accuracy. It offers the convenience of a one-bottle system with the clinical advantages of a fourth-generation adhesive.

I use it with core build-ups that are chemical-cure or dual-cure only because the fourth-generation adhesives are still the gold standard. Even though it’s a few extra steps compared to universal products, if I’m doing porcelain veneers or indirect restorations that don’t have a lot of retention, this is bonding material that I want to use.

GC Fuji II LC®

GC America

Figure 2 | GC Fuji II LC is good for root caries or non-caries cervical lesions where it’s difficult to bond to the root. This product bonds to tooth structure very well.

One of the ways I use GC Fuji II LC is not a manufacturer indication, but I have a lot of success with it. When patients have a fractured cusp and need emergency treatment, sometimes I don’t have time to build the tooth up and do a crown prep. I dispense GC Fuji II LC onto the fractured surface and light cure it. It will act as a temporary until I can get the patient in for a full crown. It only takes a few minutes, but I’ve had times when it lasts for years in a non-load-bearing area until we complete the final restoration.

GC Fuji II LC also has some fluoride release, though not as much as glass ionomers. The esthetics and polishability are good, but the adhesion is truly exceptional. For a case where you have a hard time bonding to cementum or root structure, this is a great product.

Robert Margeas, DDS

In this column, I highlight products that help me practice at the highest level. I am not paid by any of the companies I mention and all opinions are my own. Send questions or comments to

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