Inside Dentistry
March 2016
Volume 12, Issue 3

Don’t Be a Victim of Ransomware

The DDS Rescue system protects your practice and your patients

Donald Walters, DDS

Figure 1 | Every dentist’s worst nightmare is losing his or her files, but it is even worse when they are taken, which is becoming more and more common. I was recently a victim of ransomware and I took the necessary steps to remedy the situation with minimal damage and protect myself against future losses.

Six months ago, I was hit with an unavoidable issue. A message on my server screen said I had 24 hours to pay a ransom or all of my patients’ files would be lost. I immediately shut down my computers, took them to be wiped clean, and ensured that my back-up files were in order. In the 2 weeks that it took to get our back-up files restored onto the computers, I lost close to $10,000, as we could not perform x-rays and spent a ton of extra time handwriting notes for the 40 patients we see daily. To this day, we do not know how we got this virus that slowly encrypted all of our data.

During this 2-week period I was introduced to DDS Rescue, a product that can restore practice data in minutes. Since installation, this product has been a lifesaver. We had an unrelated server crash just 1 week after our computers were back up and running, and the DDS Rescue team called me 2 minutes after the crash—they knew about the problem before we did. They directed us to a website that allowed us to use our own practice management software and keep our practice open, even with our server down. We lost no time or money while the DDS Rescue team worked remotely to solve our server issue in less than 1 hour. I consider the software to be a life jacket—when it’s not needed, it isn’t a factor in my day. But if the unfortunate time comes when a crisis is at hand, I know I can rely on the system and the staff to help me through it quickly and professionally.

The best part of the system is that they do all of the work of restoring data and functionality for you. As dentists, we don’t want to think about our server’s operation. We just want to focus on our patients. After seeing the benefits firsthand, I believe DDS Rescue should be a requirement for all practices. My brother is also a dentist and I immediately told him to sign up. The software is hugely beneficial and the staff is extremely supportive.

I have lost data before I knew about DDS Rescue and with them on my side, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with them. They saved us when we were in a difficult situation and I know I can rely on them in the future to help keep my practice running smoothly.

About the Author

Donald Walters, DDS, earned his degree from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1995 and opened a private dental practice in 1997. He practices general and cosmetic dentistry in Bellingham, Washington. He plays an active role in the dental community, serving as a member in the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry.

key takeaways

• Restores practice data in minutes
• Recovers deleted files and corrupt databases immediately
• HIPAA and HITECH compliant
• If a server fails, users can run their practice off DDS Rescue’s failover server

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