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Inside Dentistry
March 2016
Volume 12, Issue 3

Digital Preview Service

A picture is worth a thousand words

Figure 1 | Communication is a key component for success in any business. It is the foundation of a relationship between the dentist and the dental laboratory. Bayshore Dental Studio’s Digital Preview Service serves as a bridge between clinicians and technicians that is both powerful and easy to use.

Using the Digital Preview Service is easy. When you contact Bayshore Dental Studio for information about a case, you’re directly connected to the professional responsible for your case. The expert dental technicians are trained and certified to walk you through every design step.

After a simple 3-minute download and entering a password, the dental design stations immediately appear on your desktop, laptop, or tablet screen. Using a digital or analog impression, cases can be viewed from any angle in real time, a key component when designing a treatment plan and discussing various aspects of the case. 3D viewing is an excellent tool for revealing problems such as margin placement and design, path of insertion, and occlusal clearance. The technician manipulates the design while you watch. It is especially useful for tough-to-visualize implant cases and complex full-arch restorations.

By utilizing Bayshore Dental Studio’s Digital Preview Service, the dentist always has complete control over cases from the planning phase through the final restoration. It ensures all cases will be completed as planned. This service is compatible with every major intraoral scanner on the market, enabling scanning and designing in the same day with greater accuracy and reduced turnaround time.

The Digital Preview Service allows dentists to track progress in the customer portal, approve 3D case proposals, and design a case in real time with a certified Bayshore technician. It is very easy to connect with a CDT and fully interact with a case from beginning to end. Rather than giving up an element of control when sending a patient’s case to any dental lab, the dentist controls the outcome with the Digital Preview Service.

Bayshore’s Customer Portal makes organizing lab work easy. With your free Customer Portal account, you can schedule pick-ups, monitor the case in production, and view online statements, ensuring clear communication and clinical success.

Bayshore Dental Studio has been serving dental professionals since 1992. Bayshore helps busy practitioners deliver a restoration with flawless fit, spot-on shading, and natural esthetics.


• Keeps patient’s case in the dentist’s hands
• Allows dentists to connect and communicate with a CDT, and interact with the case from beginning to end
• Review cases in real-time 3D with a certified dental technician
• Check margins, adjust occlusion, and add your own characteristic touch
• Customize results with expert support

Online Resource

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