Inside Dentistry
March 2016
Volume 12, Issue 3


WaterLase iPlus is the all-tissue laser trusted by the most dentists worldwide with more than 27,300,000 patients treated. With the ability to treat hard tissue, soft tissue, and bone, WaterLase’s unrivaled clinical versatility gives you unmatched results in treatment outcomes and outstanding ROI that make it the essential addition for your successful practice.

Choosing WaterLase is a commitment to better care and a foundation for practice growth. The laser uses patented technology to provide a minimally invasive, highly precise, and exceptionally gentle dental experience for your patients.

Intuitive Graphic User Interface

• Increase productivity with 56 preset procedures for select-and-go treatment with WaterLase iPlus
• Enhanced, upgraded user interface including new REPAIR™ apps to assist in the management of periodontitis and peri-implantitis
• Take control of tissue with adjustable settings as needed

Flexibility You Deserve, Access You Need

The WaterLase iPlus has the lightest, most flexible trunk fiber ever. The SureFire™ Delivery System is ergonomically designed for enhanced flexibility, increased precision, and maximum uptime. The WaterLase iPlus features the only illuminated contra-angle handpiece on any dental laser. BIOLASE’s patented contra-angle design allows you to easily and precisely move the laser tip around the treatment site, giving you access to those difficult to reach posterior cases, while the illumination of the handpiece provides the visibility you need.

Step-by-Step Protocols

WaterLase iPlus includes new step-by-step protocols that guide you through managing perio- and peri-implant patients. Facilitate some of the most difficult yet highest earning clinical opportunities in your practice with:

• minimally invasive dentistry: no scalpels, sutures, or elevated flaps (in most cases).
• easier patient management: increase case acceptance and compliance.
• versatility: treat specific sites or full-mouth cases in a single visit.
• increased cash flow: offer in-demand laser treatments for high-earning perio- and peri-implant procedures.

Unlock Your Potential for Increased Cash Flow

Increasing the cash flow in your practice is as easy as performing just three types of procedures a month with the WaterLase iPlus.

• Simplify the dentistry in your practice
• Minimize chair time
• Increase case acceptance with a patient-preferred, minimally invasive treatment option.

Open a new world of clinical capabilities with the most intuitive and most versatile all-tissue laser on the market. Discover your potential for increased cash flow and enjoy the benefits that the WaterLase iPlus will bring to your practice.

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