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Inside Dentistry
December 2015
Volume 11, Issue 12

Pala Digital Denture System

Removable prosthetics embrace digital technology

George E. Kirtley, DDS

Digital technology has truly revolutionized our way of life in general, and the world of dentistry in particular. For years, we have reaped the benefits of digital technology in the areas of radiography, occlusal analysis, crown and bridge, and cosmetic imaging. Now, these benefits are available in removable denture design through the Pala Digital Denture System.

Denture production is typically time-con­sum­ing and messy, as well as a challenge when it comes to attaining optimally accurate records. The Pala Digital Denture System provides a turnkey system that allows the clinician to accurately attain all the necessary records of impression with custom impression trays. You can capture not just the impression, but also the bite registration, vertical dimension, and centric relation in the very first visit, compared to three or more visits if you are using traditional dentures.

The bite, mandibular, and maxillary impressions taken with Pala Digital Dentures’ patented tray system are sent to a Pala Partner Lab and converted into digital impressions using a 3D scanner. The impressions are digitally articulated to the bite. Teeth are placed following the optimal teeth arch shape and information provided by the dentist. Pala Digital Dentures’ certified modeler then revises and finalizes the denture model and makes additional adjustments if requested by the dentist. The finalized denture model is loaded into the 3D printer. The 3D-printed prototype is shipped to the dentist for a try-in or directly converted to the final denture. This translates into a 2- or 3-appointment treatment that can be completed within a week’s time!

Until now, I have always felt that esthetics in removable design has been a little suspect. I no longer feel that way with the Pala Digital Denture System. Customization of inserted teeth and the replication of natural esthetic gingival designs provide life-like appearances rarely seen in removables. Additionally, Pala Digital Dentures can be designed to easily accommodate many implant attachments for implant-borne dentures.

All of the design is digital; thus the records can be easily accessed and a duplicate can be designed simply by making a call. If any changes are needed, the dentist can simply guide Pala to make those online. There is no need to retake impressions and create new records.

As the US population ages, the number of partially or completely edentulous patients is expected to rise in the coming years. With the Pala Digital Denture System, the world of removable prosthetics can finally experience the many benefits of digital technology and meet this rising demand.

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About the Author

George E. Kirtley DDS, has been involved in the field of cosmetic dentistry since 1985 and has taught, lectured, and been published nationally and internationally. He is one of three dentists worldwide to be accredited by both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Kirtley is also a staff member at the world’s leading cosmetic teaching institution, The Aesthetic Advantage at the Rosenthal Institute in New York.

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