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Inside Dentistry
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 11

KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic

Latest advancement in high translucency monolithic zirconia crowns

The KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic is the latest addition to the KDZ Bruxer product offering from Keating Dental Arts. This highly esthetic restorative material is designed specifically for the anterior region of the mouth. Exhibiting an average flexural strength of 650 MPa, it incorporates high translucency and color that matches natural dentition. The KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic is a strong, esthetic solution for all anterior cases. It is kind to the opposing dentition and requires less reduction than other all-ceramic materials.

With translucency like lithium disilicate and strength like zirconia, the KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic zirconia crown meets and exceeds the predefined criteria as specified in ISO 6872 strength requirements, making this material 60% stronger than lithium disilicate (400 MPa) materials. This highly biocompatible material reaches 49% translucency at the sintering temperature of 1450° C.

The KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic is ideal for:

  • Anterior and premolar crowns
  • Three-unit anterior bridges with one pontic
  • A more conservative preparation than disilicate—0.8 mm is required; 1.25 mm is ideal

KDZ—Keating Dental Zirconia

As with so many technological advancements, zirconia crowns have become mainstream restorative options today. Always seeking better solutions, the research and development team at Keating Dental Arts is proud to introduce the newest member to the KDZ product line, the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic zirconia crown for anterior use.

Precision-milled from newly formulated, top-quality Tosoh zirconia and hand finished by our expert ceramist, this addition to Keating Dental Arts line of zirconia products offers one of the most esthetic, high translucent, anterior zirconia products on the market today. It provides full-contour zirconia crown restorations, which are perfect for anterior crowns, pre-molars, and three-unit bridges. If you are searching for a well designed, esthetically pleasing alternative to lithium disilicate at a value price point, search no further.

In Brief

  • Designed specifically for anterior regions of the mouth and premolar crowns
  • High translucency like a lithium disilicate, with strength like zirconia
  • 60% stronger than lithium disilicate; restore 3-unit bridges (one pontic)

About Keating Dental Arts

Founding Keating Dental Arts in 2002, Shaun Keating, CDT, brought the same attention to detail that made him a master technician to the task of leading a growing business. Over the course of a decade, his lab’s eye for detail and demand for the highest level of craftsmanship established Keating Dental Arts as a dominant force in the dental laboratory arena. Developing the KDZ Bruxer line of restorative materials sets KDA apart as an industry leader in zirconia solutions.

Our mission at Keating Dental Arts is to provide only the highest quality dental restorations delivered in a timely fashion with attentive customer service. We strive to provide the perfect blend of technical expertise, personal service, and dependable results, and strongly believe in relationships based on communication and feedback.

Keating Dental Arts

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