Inside Dentistry
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 11

Ceramir® C&B

A simple, everyday use permanent cement

Figure 1 | Ceramir® C&B is the only bioceramic cement on the market. This revolutionary cement is bioactive, simple, strong, and supported by more than 25 years of clinical research and development. It is the only cement that has calcium aluminate-based chemistry, providing dentists with a natural permanent cement that has resin-like retention and effortless cleanup. 

Ceramir C&B fosters the build-up of nanocrystals that attach to the tooth surface during the hardening phase. This biomimetic process, known as nanostructural integration, gives Ceramir C&B the unique capacity to seal the tooth-restorative interface without the shrinkage, stress, and chemical degradation associated with other cements. A recent in-vitro artificial gap study proved that Ceramir C&B closed gaps of 50 to 300 microns wide.Ceramir C&B sets at a high pH, creating an alkaline environment to eliminate postoperative sensitivity and resist acid and acid-producing bacteria. This provides an outstanding level of retention and long-term stability in the oral environment.

Handling is simplified with this hydrophilic, self-adhesive, self-curing cement. It has a viscoelastic consistency that facilitates complete seating of the restoration. Ceramir C&B eliminates the steps of preparing the tooth with etching, bonding, isolation, and desiccation. It also eliminates preparing the crown with silane, primers, and special cleaners. 

Indications include full-coverage crowns and bridges of PFM, lithium disilicate, zirconia, metal and high-strength ceramics. It is indicated also for cast and pre-fab metal posts as well as gold inlays and onlays. It is also a great option for implant crowns because of its radiopacity and tissue friendliness. It is well tolerated by tissue with no inflammation or sensitivity because of its biocompatible nature.

Ceramir C&B brings numerous benefits to the cementation process and overall oral health. It is a simpler, innovative, superior way to cement every day.


  • Bioactive, simple, strong, and supported by extensive clinical research and development
  • Seals the tooth-restorative interface without shrinkage, stress, and chemical degradation
  • Unique ability to close artificial marginal gaps
  • Creates an alkaline environment to eliminate postoperative sensitivity and resist acid and acid-producing bacteria
  • Hydrophilic, self-adhesive, self-curing cement


“At 3+ years of continual use in my practice, when compared to all other general luting agents, Ceramir has proven to be the most superior material. Easy-to-use, easy to clean up, biocompatible, and zero sensitivity—Ceramir is a trusted and regular part of my prosthetic armamentarium.”

Brian J. Gray, DDS
Washington, DC

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Doxa Dental


1. Jefferies SR, Fuller AE, Boston DW. Preliminary evidence that bioactive cements occlude artificial marginal gaps. J Esthet Restor Dent. 2015;27(3):155-166.

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