Inside Dentistry
September 2015
Volume 11, Issue 9

CLING2 Resin-Optimized Temporary Cement

Superior adhesion and seal plus improved tissue health

There are a number of eugenol-free, zinc oxide temporary cements available to clinicians today. Unfortunately, clinical results between brands can be inconsistent. Some may not provide enough retention, causing temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays dislodge. This brings the unfortunate circumstance of patients returning to the office for re-cementation, an inconvenience for them and a drain on productivity for you. Others products may provide too much retention, making removal difficult and time-consuming. For ideal retention of temporaries and uncomplicated removal, formulations enhanced with polycarboxylate resin, such as CLING2™ from Clinician’s Choice, will provide more favorable results.

CLING2 is a unique, non-eugenol, zincoxide automix temporary cement containing a small amount of polycarboxylate resin.The addition of polycarboxylate ensures optimal adhesion, while also soothing the tooth and sealing out bacterial build up and sensitivity. CLING2’s ideal compressive strength ensures easy removal of the temporary and fast cleanup from the preparation site upon removal. CLING2 simply flakes off, leaving behind a completely uncontaminated surface.

CLING2’s paste-to-paste format eliminates hand mixing and provides a bubble-free, ideal mixture of base to catalyst with every use. Simply apply the material directly to the provisional, inlay or onlay and after a short 90-second cure, temporaries are effectively retained.Any excess CLING2 around the marginsis easily peeled away. It is compatiblewith provisional resin restorations, resin core materials, bonding agents, and permanent cements.

Having to replace a dislodgedtemporary is inconvenient and frustrating, as is struggling with a temporary that is difficult to remove. When you use resin-optimized CLING2 over a zinc oxide–only formulation, these clinical challenges, and others, are avoided.

Clinician’s Choice Products are distributed exclusively in the United States through Henry Schein Dental. To order, please call 800-372-4346 or go to www.henryscheindental.com.


  • Excellent adhesion with easy removal
  • Excess material peels offthe preparation
  • Low film thickness
  • Efficient 30-second working time and 60-90 second set time
  • Biocompatible—protects thegingival tissue
  • Resists forces of mastication

Clinician’s Choice

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