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Inside Dentistry
August 2015
Volume 11, Issue 8

SATURNO™ Narrow Diameter Implant System

An innovative, angled o-ball implant option

ZEST ANCHORS is innovating again with the SATURNO™ Narrow Diameter Implant System. SATURNO is a one-piece narrow-diameter implant with an O-Ball connection featuring a patented, pivoting cap technology similar to the function of LOCATOR®. This technology provides up to a 30° angle correction and maximum resiliency while maintaining a minimized profile—technology not found with the rigid connections of other O-Ball mini implants on the market today. In addition to patented pivoting technology on the restorative side, ZEST also developed a SATURNO Angled implant option to address the challenges associated with implant placement in the maxillary ridge.

SATURNO All-in-One Packaging includes 20° angled or straight o-ball implants in your choice of diameter (2.0, 2.4, or 2.9 mm), length (10, 12, or 14 mm), and cuff height (2 or 4 mm), with a Restorative Component Vial.

The SATURNO Narrow Diameter Implant System’s osteotomy preparation instruments are thoughtfully designed with easily identifiable laser etched depth markings for clear visibility when drilling and placing implants. A drill stop set is included for an additional level of depth control. SATURNO instruments were designed to enable predictable osteotomy preparation, especially with a flapless protocol. In addition, every SATURNO Implant is packaged with a convenient driver mount for seamless delivery to the implant osteotomy.

SATURNO Implants incorporate a progressive thread design that provides increased primary stability, as well as a proven RBM (resorbable blast media)-roughened surface on the entire length of the implant. SATURNO implants may be suitable for immediate function on a case-by-case basis if sufficient primary stability of the implant is achieved at the time of placement.


· Straight and angled O-Ball implant available in an assortment of diameters, lengths, and cuff heights

· Unique pivoting O-Ring Denture Cap enables correction of divergent implant placement and increases resiliency of the overdenture

· Cost-conscious alternative for patients with limited finances

· Proven implant design for primary stability

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