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Inside Dentistry
July 2015
Volume 11, Issue 7

Delivering Quality and Consistency in a New Dental Environment

Partnering with clients and manufacturers to meet exacting standards

Mark Frichtel

This is an exciting time in dentistry, but it is a challenge to keep up with all the changes in materials and processes without sacrificing high-quality workmanship, especially at a time when the number of qualified dental technicians has sharply declined in the United States. Nevertheless, at Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs, we have always adhered to the motto that guides all our decisions: “Where quality and consistency come together for you.” This truly has been the catalyst for almost every decision we make.

Keeping up with the latest materials and processes, our lab has move to completing nearly all cases being aided in some way by a computer. We find that scanning and design has allowed us to make higher quality, more consistent products. Being able to mill these designs in-house allows us to provide our clients the most consistent restorations in our history. Metal-free options such as Zirlux® FC2 (Zahn Dental, have surpassed the traditional PFM. Incorporating these products into the more than 8,000 implant cases we do every year has made a real difference in patient acceptance and satisfaction.

Our commitment to quality and consistency has guided our decision to select and purchase four separate scanning systems to design patient-specific abutments for 90% of the implants placed today. Unlike most laboratories that attempt to support implant products with non-FDA-approved abutments, our lab designs the case and sends it to the implant company for milling; that way, if there is a problem, their implant warranty is not voided. We also partner with our implant companies to provide educational lectures where CE credits are received.

Our staff of 55 at our two locations—in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and just outside Indianapolis, Indiana—is poised to follow the most exacting prescription and meet or surpass patient and client expectations. What sets us apart in this regard is that we have been able to use the H1B process to bring into our organization German master technicians who can provide the level of technical expertise our clients expect. This includes completing the most complicated cases or restoring older implants, which are extremely difficult to support.

By partnering closely with our client dentists, as well as the implant manufacturers, we have successfully earned the confidence of hundreds of dentist offices. Our clients tell us that they are best served by our laboratory because we partner with them and serve as a facilitator for their cases. Technology changes so quickly, it is almost impossible for them to keep up with it. We are always there to be sure the job is done right; the responsibility for our clients’ success rests with us.

Key Takeaways

· Excellent alternative to PFMs

· Zirlux FC2 is a high-translucency pre-shaded zirconia for predictable esthetics

· High flexural strength

· Low wear on opposing dentition

About the author

Mark Frichtel is president of Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs. His focus is always on providing clients with many restorative choices for their patients and at the same time exceeding expectations with world-class customer service.

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