Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6

Tango-Endo It only takes two

New Tango-Endo from Essential Dental Systems (EDS) is making a splash among dentists worldwide. New Tango-Endo offers the practitioner a safe, efficient, and predictable endodontic system with only two instruments.

Tango-Endo Instruments are a uniquely designed to offer efficiency, safety, and affordability. Tango-Endo instruments are tough and reusable, boasting a unique patented flat along the entire length. This flat allows for faster engagement with less resistance, increased flexibility without sacrificing strength, and it virtually eliminates instrument separation.

Tango-Endo instruments are specifically designed to be used in the Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece. The handpiece is a 4:1 reduction with a 45° equal arc of reciprocal motion and can be used with your current endo motor or any e-type air motor. Since the instruments are designed as modified reamers, they widen or enlarge an existing hole. The result is a final shape that reflects the original canal anatomy—without too much tooth structure removed mesio-distally or too much tooth structure remaining due to inadequate removal bucco-lingually.

In addition to the Tango-Endo Instruments for shaping and finishing and the Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece, the Tango-Endo Introductory Kit includes precision-fit molded gutta percha points to ensure fast and easy obturation.

New Tango-Endo is a quality endodontic system at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Tango-Endo is efficient, safe, and economical—making it an easy investment for the practitioner.

For more information on Tango-Endo, contact EDS at 1-800-22-FLEXI (35394) or visit www.edsdental.com.


· Safe, efficient, and economical
· Virtually unbreakable instrumentation
· Low learning curve—simple two step instrumentation
· Tango-Endo handpiece helps eliminate binding and instrument separation


"I was blown away by how efficient and easy it was to clean and shape the three canals in about 10 minutes. The fit of the Tango gutta percha points were excellent too. No tip trimming required. I'm excited about this new system."

Scott Graham, DDS
Private Practice
Clinton, Michigan

Video Resource

For a full description of Tango-Endo, including a demonstration of technique, visit dentalaegis.com/go/id1100.

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