Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6

NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown

Cement-free zirconia crown with strength & esthetics

The NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown combines full-contour strength that’s tough enough for the posterior with restorative flexibility that’s hard to beat. And there’s no cement in sight. CAD/CAM-manufactured using high-strength translucent zirconia—plus the option to create angulated screw channels—the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown offers predictable strength, esthetics, and function.

Suitable for all tooth positions, the strength of the FCZ Implant Crown ensures predictability even under the high occlusal forces of the posterior. This makes it an ideal restoration for the molar region. There’s no need to worry about chipping either, as the full-contour nature of the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown removes the need for veneering. Plus, because it is screw-retained, the FCZ Implant Crown is completely cement-free, avoiding the risks associated with excess cement. Even the titanium adapter is mechanically retained.

The NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown is designed for use with Nobel Biocare’s extensive range of conical connection implants. All elements have been designed to work together for an optimized treatment outcome.

The ability to use an angulated screw channel allows the screw access hole to be placed anywhere between 0° and 25° in a 360° radius. This means it can be angled for easy access. Working on the restoration is further simplified by the effective pick-up function and secure grip of the Omnigrip Screwdriver.

Natural-looking tooth color is another benefit offered by the FCZ Implant Crown. No matter which of the eight available shades is used, the color is applied throughout the material. This means adjustments can be made without having to worry about discoloration. It’s also no problem to use cutbacks or staining to achieve the desired esthetic effect.

The NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown possesses incredible strength for long-term predictability, but it also offers restorative flexibility. As a result, it’s well on its way to becoming “the crown that rules them all.”


· Screw-retained and cement free
· Screw access hole can be placed anywhere between 0° and 25° in a 360° radius
· Available in eight natural-looking shades
· Full contour, removing need for veneering
· Incredible strength for long-term predictability

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