Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6

New Patient Generation and Practice Expansion Program

Training that increases new patients by at least 10% in under 90 days

Jay Geier

After recognizing the huge patient loss that occurs during the first phone call to a practice, I decided to create the New Patient Generation and Practice Expansion Program. This program saves doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by teaching their staff members tested and proven strategies for effectively handling new patient phone calls and scheduling. By training staff members to fully understand the value of new patients, the program makes it possible to help doctors leverage their human capital and add 10% to 60% more new patients to their practices every month.

The program is so unique and innovative that it consistently provides exceptional new patient growth for thousands of dentists every month. I first developed the new patient strategy back in 1995 and tested it in a small Atlanta-based clinic. Within 1 week, the program had attracted more than 600 new patients—a world record still held today. That was the moment I realized how important that “new patient secret” was, and became determined that I would share this program with dentists around the world.

So in 1997, I founded the Scheduling Institute with the mission of teaching the New Patient Generation Program to as many offices as possible. Since then, my team and I have helped implement these practice-transforming strategies in tens of thousands of offices worldwide. Today, almost 20 years later, I can confidently say that this New Patient Generation training program has completely revolutionized the dental industry—drastically increasing new patients in every office we’ve trained.

The strategies and methods of implementation of my program produce one-of-a-kind results and create a distinctive competitive advantage for my clients.

Dr. Wyn Steckbauer shares the immediate results that the program had for his practice. “The growth our office has seen in the past couple months that we’ve been with the Scheduling Institute is incredible,” he says. “We went from 17 new patients per month to averaging around 80.”

This type of increase in a practice’s new patient base has far-reaching implications for production and profit. Dr. Christopher Miller explains, “My Q1 of 2015 is 36% better than Q1 of 2014—and that’s in collections, not just new patients.” Dr. Stephen Malone agrees that the program can make a big difference in a practice’s bottom line. “We have now had 3 months in a row of our best months ever,” he says.

Another incredible benefit of the program is the way it can bring the entire office together. Dr. Beau Beecher says, “Our practice has only been with the Scheduling Institute for 7 months, and the results are speaking for themselves—new patient numbers are tripling, production/collections are rising, and we finally have goals as a team!”

The Scheduling Institute is offering all Inside Dentistry readers a free practice analysis to see if you are losing new patients in your practice today. It’s 100% free, with no risk or purchase necessary. To take advantage of this offer, visit www.schedulinginstitute.com/ID and complete the Quick Start form in 2 minutes or less.

About the author

Jay Geier is the founder of the Scheduling Institute, a seven-time Townie Choice Award Winner, and creator of the world-renowned New Patient Generation and Practice Expansion Program, which has revolutionized the way dentists attract, schedule, and treat new patients in their practices.

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