Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6

Helping Patients Afford Optimal Treatment

Financing options improve case acceptance for better patient care

Gary M. Radz, DDS

As dentists, we are sensitive to the fact that finances are an issue for some patients and can impede their ability to accept their best treatment options. For more than 15 years, my practice has partnered with various lenders to help patients secure financing to have the dental care they want or need completed promptly.

Offering patient financing has had a significant impact on our practice. It can be difficult to discuss the financial aspect of treatment with patients. Being able to offer this service to them greatly improves treatment acceptance. In addition to cosmetic procedures and smile makeovers, it helps patients afford treatments such as implants, the expense of which is often far beyond what is covered by dental insurance.

Case presentations are also more efficient, because patients can receive information about financial options during the same visit as treatment options. Being able to offer a solution to patients’ financial obstacles also makes it easier for the treatment coordinator to confidently present patients with a complete range of options and reinforce the value of the recommended treatment. In addition, availability of financing is made clear on my practice website and literature is prominently displayed in the office, so patients are generally aware that it is available.

I began using Lending Club Patient Solutions (then known as Springstone Patient Financing) more than a decade ago primarily because it was more user friendly and offered better terms for both patients and doctors—for whom fees must be reasonable and acceptable—than other financing providers. Patient payments are affordable and there is no initial payment or prepayment penalty.

The application process is handled online, much like paying a bill or applying for a credit card, and the decision is made quickly. Although the patient can access the online application and make arrangements from home, our office manager prefers to handle it in the office because it gives her a better opportunity to assist the patient; she finds patients are more likely to schedule then and there, compared to when it’s left for them to handle at a later time.

In short, with financing that meets the needs of both the doctor and patients such as Lending Club Patient Solutions, more people schedule treatment and they do it sooner, giving them better health and quality of life and more time to enjoy it.

Key Takeaways

· No retroactive interest at the end of the promotional period
· Plans range to $50,000for larger cases
· Easy application process
· Fast, personable service

About the author

Gary M. Radz, DDS, is known internationally for his experience in cosmetic dentistry, having been published in more than 150 journals and presented more than 500 times at many regional, national, and international dental meetings. He maintains a private practice in Denver, Colorado.

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