June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6



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BrasselerVE™ Loupes

Figure 1 | The large viewing field of the BrasselerVE 2.5x magnification loupe guarantees an easy adjustment to enhanced magnification for greater freedom, comfort, and efficiency. It is available in through-the-lens or flip-up styles. 800-841-4522


Figure 2 | OPMI PROergo surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss facilitates a comfortable working position during treatment. The ergonomic design helps prevent back and neck pain and more serious spine disorders.

Eclipse LED

Figure 3 | SurgiTel’s Eclipse LED is a no-touch headlight featuring proximity sensor technology. The light turns on and off with the wave of a hand, helping avoid the risk of cross-contamination. This advanced on-off mechanism helps avoid blinding a patient or assistant and conserves battery life.


Figure 4 | The lightweight frame and headlamp designs of DenMat’s PeriOptix, available with ready-made or custom loupes, result in less strain on the neck and a more comfortable working experience.


Figure 5 | Orascoptic’s EyeZoom™ is the first and only adjustable magnification loupe, offering three magnification levels ranging from 3x to 5x with edge-to-edge clarity and high-definition resolution.

Micro3.5EF Scopes

Figure 6 | The revolutionary optical design of Micro 3.5EF Scopes from Designs for Vision reduces the size of the prismatic telescope by 50% and the weight by 40% while providing an expanded-field, full-cavity view at 3.5x magnification.

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