Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6

Bringing over 25 years of excellence in bioceramics research to the dental industry, Doxa Dental, Inc.'s revolutionary Ceramir® Crown & Bridge is a truly bioactive material with technology that gives you the ability to completely seal your indirect restoration in place with the formation of new hydroxyapatite and the long-term benefit of a permanently alkaline margin. The simple, award-winning system eliminates the need for primers, silane, special cleaners, bonding agents, desensitizers, and more, saving you valuable chairside time and expense.

Key Takeaways:

· Ideal for zirconia, lithium disilicate, gold and metal crowns and bridges
· Excellent choice for implant crowns (ease of clean-up, radiopaque, high biocompatibility for best tissue friendliness)
· Creates a high pH environment
· Forms new apatite in the presence of phosphates
· Easiest clean-up of all cements
· No pain at placement or post-operative sensitivity

Giving Your Patients the Best Cementation Experience

Ceramir Crown & Bridge bioceramic cement gives you the retention of resin cement, yet is a completely biocompatible material that gives you the most patient-friendly experience possible, with unmatched long-term benefits. Its unique alkaline chemistry allows for pain-free seating, no post-operative sensitivity, and the best long-term protection at the margin against acid and acid-producing bacteria. The lack of extra preparation steps and effortless clean-up give you the quickest appointment possible.


“I have had a response of zero sensitivity with 6 full months of use and over 200 tracked cases. More importantly, my assistants prefer this material over all others in our office. Ceramir mixes better, handles better, and cleans off better than anything on the market.”

Brian J. Gray, DDS
Washington, DC

Video Resource

Instructions for use and the unique technology behind Ceramir Crown & Bridge are explained in detail in this informative video, which can be accessed at http://ceramirus.com/video.

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