Inside Dentistry
May 2015
Volume 11, Issue 5

Kerr Dental

Whatever procedure your day has ahead of you...we have an impression material for that.

Kerr Take 1 Advanced offers a full line of viscosities and set times for every procedure you perform in your office:

Figure 1 | Implants


The perfect balance between flow and body. Ideal for implants and dentures.

Figure 2 | Single-Unit Crowns


Provides the necessary support for the dual-arch impression tray not to distort as it is removed from the mouth. Its increased rigidity provides optimal stability during the lab model fabricating process, minimizing impression deformation.

Figure 3 | Full Arch, Multiple Units

Heavy Body:

Outstanding dimensional stability and elasticity with resistance to pressure. A strong, flexible material that stretches around undercuts without tearing or distorting. Ideal for full-arch, multiple-unit crowns, and implants.

Figure 4 | Clear Aligners


Ultra-high viscosity for extra mechanical compression, great for clear aligners (and to extend clear aligner trays).

Figure 5 | Mouth Guards/Bleaching Trays


Alginate alternative ideal for preliminary impressions, study/case models, orthodontic models, bite registration, sports guards/night guards, and bleaching trays. Easily disinfected to take multiple pours, and holds its dimensional stability for up to 2 weeks.


Visit www.kerrimpressions.com/volumetrial to request your free sample! If you are not satisfied, simply return it to us.


“The predictability of implant treatment and the adaptability of restorative materials enable clinicians to provide patients in the most dire of dental circumstances with a complete overhaul…as the goal of dental implant rehabilitation is to bring the patient’s dentition to proper esthetics, form, and function.”
Ara Nazarian DDS , DICOI

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