Inside Dentistry
May 2015
Volume 11, Issue 5

Finish & Polish with Finesse

GripStrip Proximal Finishing and Polishing Strips 

Get a secure grip on easy, complete interproximal finishing and polishing with just one instrument!

Featuring two distinct grit areas, GripStrip diamond-coated proximal finishing and polishing strips let you finish and polish restorations with the same strip. Each GripStrip features a coarser grit for stripping and removing, a finer grit for polishing, and a smooth section to slide through the contact. Use GripStrip to contour and bevel or to remove excess material and overhangs from surfaces and margins. Strong, yet flexible, a Centrix GripStrip shapes curved surfaces without breaking.

GripStrip's "easy-to-grip" handles enable complete control as you contour or finish any surface, anterior or posterior. Choose from Fine (15 μm/8 μm), Medium (40 μm /15 μm), or Coarse (80 μm /40 μm). And GripStrips are autoclavable to protect your patients while providing for many uses and greater value!

-Centrix Dental

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