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Inside Dentistry
May 2015
Volume 11, Issue 5

Calibra® Universal

Wide tack-cure window and extended gel phase make excess cement removal a snap

Excess cement cleanup is now a snap with Calibra® Universal from DENTSPLY Caulk, the makers of Calibra® Esthetic Resin Cement. This newly introduced self-adhesive resin cement offers a wide tack-cure window of up to 10 seconds and an extended 45-second gel phase.* This means dentists can now benefit from the swiftness of tack curing without the stress of over-curing, so they have the time they need to thoroughly remove excess cement for a pristine restoration.

As all restorative dentists know, an optimal restoration depends on a complete cleanup. When placing a crown, all excess cement must be thoroughly cleaned away, as the smallest bit of residual cement–especially in interproximal spaces–can cause irritation and inflammation that can jeopardize gingival health. Residual cement can also leave a rough surface that contributes to biofilm accumulation, which reduces the longevity of the restoration.

According to the American Association for Dental Research, up to 85% of dentists consider light curing to be a faster way to clean up excess cement. However, conventional resin cements only allow light curing for 1 or 2 seconds before they harden to the point that a bur may be required to remove the excess. With a tack-curing window of up to 10 seconds, after which it remains in the gel phase* for up to 45 seconds, Calibra Universal gives dentists more working time, time that can be used to thoroughly remove excess cement without damaging the new crown.

Restorations are subjected to the same forces as natural teeth and need to be strong enough to stand up to these forces. Stronger, longer-lasting restorations call for the use of a strong cement. Calibra Universal keeps restorations in place with industry-leading bond strengths across every category, far exceeding ISO standards for physical and mechanical properties.

With Calibra Universal, the name says it all; it is the one cement for practically any restoration. DENTSPLY Caulk has formulated its new self-adhesive resin for use across a wide range of indications–from metal crowns and PFMs to all-zirconia and all-ceramic restorations–with no need for a separate bonding agent.

With a choice of five shades featuring Shade Stable™ technology to virtually eliminate shade shifting over time, patients and their doctors have the assurance of beautiful restorations that will last. In short, Calibra Universal offers clinicians a whole host of advantages, including exceptional strength and beautiful esthetics plus the speed of tack curing without the stress of over-curing–making excess cement removal a snap.

*10 second tack cure equals 5-second wave cure per surface (buccal, lingual). For excess cement cleanup, monowave output LED lights with a single peak output around 470 nm are recommended. High-power, dual, or broad spectrum lights may cause premature hardening of excess cement. Check curing light effect on mixed cement in the laboratory prior clinical use. Light curing mixed cement after 1 minute, or continuously for more than 10 seconds, at any time, will cause cement to adhesively set.

In Brief

• Provides a wide tack-cure window and an extended gel phase for a more thorough and effective cleanup

• Offers industry-leading bonding and mechanical strengths, exceeding ISO standards for physical and mechanical properties

• Formulated for use across a wide range of indications, with no need for a separate bonding agent


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