Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Tango-Endo™ Instrumentation System

A unique instrument design and simplified process for safe, efficient procedures

In endodontics, the successful shaping and cleaning of the root canal system without weakening the tooth is the ultimate goal. Achieving that goal can sometimes be difficult, however. One of the most important decisions a clinician will make to help ensure success is selecting the correct instrumentation system.

Endodontic instrumentation represents quite a few challenges to the general dentist and endodontist alike. With a variety of products on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate and choose. Ideally, the system of choice should be efficient, safe, and economical.

Rising to the challenge, the New Tango-Endo™ Instrumentation System from Essential Dental Systems is the answer for endodontic success.


Tango-Endo instruments have a unique flute design and patented flat along the entire working length.

This design:

· reduces instrument engagement, allowing faster advancement with less resistance.

· creates space for dentinal debris and assists in preventing canal distortion.

· reduces compressive and tensile stresses during use, enabling improved instrument durability.

· offers increased flexibility without sacrificing strength.

Tango-Endo Instruments are specifically designed for the Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece to virtually eliminate binding and instrument separation.


The Tango-Endo instrumentation technique is a simple two-step process, so clinicians need only to navigate the two Tango-Endo instruments to the apex after achieving the glide path. Due to their efficient, patented design, these instruments quickly negotiate curves and reach the apex. The calibration rings on the shank of each instrument provide quick and precise assistance in determining the working length.

Allan S. Deutsch, DMD, an endodontist and assistant clinical professor of endodontics at Columbia University in New York City, says, “After incorporating the two new Tango-Endo system instruments, I have significantly cut valuable chairtime while achieving exceptional results without the fear of instrument separation.”


Unlike some other systems, with the Tango-Endo system, there is no long shaping sequence. The Tango-Endo system contains just two timesaving instruments.

These tough and reusable instruments can save the dentist thousands of dollars per year. That’s a dramatic cost savings compared to single-use systems.

Additionally, unlike most engine drive systems, the affordable Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece can be used with the dentist’s current endodontic motor or any e-type air motor. There is no need for the practice to purchase expensive equipment.

With the Tango-Endo system, only two instruments are needed to complete most cases. By eliminating the fear of fracture, dentists can now complete endo cases using a simple and predictable process.

In Brief

· These tough and reusable instruments can save the dentist thousands of dollars per year in instrument costs.

· Durable, flexible, and strong, the instruments are designed with safety in mind, reducing compressive and tensile stresses.

· The two-step technique and intuitive, patented design enhance efficiency while achieving excellent results.

Essential Dental Systems

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