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Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Genie® Ultra Hydrophilic Impression Material

A smart and versatile clinical choice that also benefits your bottom line

Peter Fuentes, DMD

As the co-owner of five dental practices that employ more than a dozen associate dentists and use several labs, it is important that my partner and I choose high-quality products that meet the needs of the entire dental team and, ultimately, our patients.

My partner and I first began using Genie Ultra Hydrophilic Impression Material when we opened our first office 8 years ago. At that point, price was especially important, as we were just starting out, and trying to keep overhead to a minimum.

However, over the years, we’ve stuck with Genie because it also meets our clinical needs. It has five viscosities, two set speeds—rapid and standard—and comes in two sizes, 50 and 380 mL.

We’ve found that this impression material is comfortable in the hands of all of our doctors; we have literally never had a complaint about it from any doctor who has ever worked for us. Perhaps even more importantly, there are no complaints about the accuracy of our impressions from the labs that fabricate our work; this is, after all, the ultimate measuring stick of the product we’re using.

Another huge advantage is the universal usage of Genie. We use it for denture impressions, repairs, crown and bridge impressions, nightguards, and whitening trays. Due to the large pediatric patient population in our office, we also do a lot of band and loop and retainer impressions. The value of one benefit—its berry flavor—was made clear by many of these young patients, who disliked the taste of other materials.

While cost is secondary to clinical benefits, it is the reason we would never look for a different product, especially now that we are ordering so much of it. For us, the savings are substantial. Given that our offices typically use 10 to 15 380-mL packages per week, we’re saving about $700 to $800 per week just by using a material we’d choose anyhow.

We also also paired with a rep who meets our needs in terms of communication and customer service. She keeps us informed about new products during regular visits, but she’ll also make a point of letting us know when it’s advantageous for us to place larger orders—such as when there are discounts on the products we use regularly. She is also extremely accessible, so if I learn in the middle of a workday that we’re running low on impression material, for example, I can just send a quick text and get a prompt response to make delivery arrangements.

For our practices, the choice of Genie is a “no brainer” due to handling, versatility, precision, and value price.

About the Author

Peter F. Fuentes, DMD, is co-owner of five multi-specialty dental offices located in New Jersey that offer general, pediatric, and cosmetic dentistry, as well as oral surgery and orthodontics.

Key Takeaways

· Consistent accuracy

· Reliable quality

· #1 value brand

· 5 viscosities for varied applications

· 2 set speeds—rapid and standard

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