Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

First for 50 Years

Nobel Biocare marks 50th anniversary of first implant surgery

In 1965, Gösta Larsson of Gothenburg, Sweden, was an oral invalid. But that changed overnight. As the first recipient of osseointegrated dental implants, which were carefully placed by the late Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, his life changed forever. And so did dentistry.

Following the success of that first dental implant surgery, P-I Brånemark wanted to scale up dental implant production so that others could benefit. The businesses with which he first partnered to begin manufacturing later became Nobel Biocare, and the company takes its stewardship of his legacy extremely seriously.

Still Leading with Original Evidence

That first dental implant treatment was based on original scientific insight from P-I Brånemark’s discovery of osseointegration in 1952. A breakthrough at the time, it was subsequently substantiated and rigorously documented.

Nobel Biocare continues this focus on research and development today. No product or solution gets the Nobel Biocare logo without thorough testing. And once launched, the collection of clinical evidence never stops. There are now more than 4,400 independent scientific publications with data on Nobel Biocare products and solutions.

Solutions, Not Products

As the pioneer of implant science, Nobel Biocare has either introduced or been otherwise connected to many of the solutions that are now the industry standard. While it all started with dental implants 50 years ago, that was just the beginning. Innovation in dental restorations and digital dentistry has also been remarkable.

Nobel Biocare was the first to produce industrially milled CAD/CAM restorations. Over 30 years and 11 million restorations later, the company still focuses on restorative innovations. New solutions like the NobelProcera ASC (angulated screw channel) Abutment give dental professionals new possibilities and restore quality of life for patients.

Digital technology also brought with it advances in dental implantology that P-I Brånemark and his colleagues could barely have imagined. Nobel Biocare now offers an integrated workflow, digitally enabling clinicians and dental technicians to collaborate more effectively. From treatment planning to the final restoration, each step is seamlessly linked for predictable results in less time.

Nobel Biocare most recently showcased innovation with its new complete posterior solution. This original combination of wide-platform implants and high-strength restorative options is designed for the demands of the posterior region. While restoring single molars is a common indication, it presents multiple challenges for the clinician. Now, Nobel Biocare offers a cement-free solution that overcomes all main challenges.

Treat More Patients Better

Just as for the last 50 years, Nobel Biocare will continue to offer superior products and solutions for all indications, comprehensive training and education programs, and initiatives that help dental professionals increase patient flow and treatment acceptance. Nobel Biocare has been first for 50 years, and that isn’t going to change.

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