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Inside Dentistry
March 2015
Volume 11, Issue 3


BISCO Dental Products

Figure 1 | ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is a light-cured, single-component dental bonding agent that combines etching, priming, and bonding in a single bottle. It simplifies restorative procedures by adapting to self-, total-, and selective-etch techniques, and due to the low film thickness (less than 10µm), ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is easily spread thin, allowing for easy cementation to tight-fitting crowns. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is compatible with light-, self-, and dual-cured resin composites and cements for direct and indirect bonding procedures. Other single-bottle adhesives may need more than 1 bottle for indirect restorations, but with ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, no additional activator is required, providing you a significant cost savings and guaranteed clinical effectiveness!


• Virtually no post-operative sensitivity

• Indicated for direct and indirect restorations

• Universal compatibility with dual-cured and self-cured materials due to mild acidity (pH > 3)

• Contains MDP monomers for enhanced durability

• Hydrophobic formula (resin friendly) results in improved durability of the bond

Dr. Adamo E. Notarantonio discusses Universal Adhesives and shares a case presentation

iBond® | Heraeus Kulzer

Figure 2 | The iBond brand stands for high, reliable bond strength and is clinically proven to provide consistent results. iBond offers convenient handling and quick, easy application as well as a demonstrated reduction in postoperative sensitivity. iBond Total Etch is the Etch & Rinse 2-step bonding adhesive. iBond Self Etch is the all-in-one bonding adhesive that etches, primes, bonds, and desensitizes with just one application.

BeautiBond® | Shofu Dental Corp.

Figure 3 | BeautiBond is a 7th generation all-in-one adhesive that enables etching, priming, and bonding in one single application. Unique dual adhesive monomers work independently, achieving equal bond strength to dentin and enamel, comparable to 6th generation adhesives. With this technology, biocompatibility, and durability, BeautiBond adds up to a better, faster, and easier result for the clinician and the patient.

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