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Inside Dentistry
February 2015
Volume 11, Issue 2

Sterngold Dental Systems

Industry-leading denture stabilization solutions

When deciding which company to work with, dentists owe it to themselves and their patients to partner with a company that they can rely on—one that has a proven record of success. Sterngold has been that company for the past 118 years, developing alloys, attachments, and implant systems that have been the industry leaders. Built on unrivaled technical and customer support, Sterngold continues to be the company to turn to for the most comprehensive and innovative selection of denture stabilization solutions.

Their product offerings include the SFI Bar, a modular bar system that is the only truly stress-free bar system on the market. In addition, the Hader Bar has been the most widely used bar in the world for decades. With 18 styles, the ERA is the most comprehensive removable prosthetic system in history.

However, the most widely used implant overdenture abutment system of all time is the ball-and-o-ring. Sterngold has reintroduced this abutment as the ORA. Its continued popularity is due to the number of situations in which it works very well to retain overdentures in a simple and inexpensive procedure. These abutments fit all of today’s popular implants. The abutment is screwed into place and the retaining cap or ring is processed into the overdenture. The ORA abutments can be out of parallel up to 10 degrees and still be successful. Maintenance is easy: It takes only a few seconds to change an o-ring, and patients find them easy to insert and remove.

In the near future, Sterngold will introduce the SternSnap, a new overdenture implant abutment system. This new concept will solve the problems associated with other popular attachments.

Through maintaining proven attachment systems and developing new innovations, Sterngold will continue to be the source for removable solutions.


• The most widely used implant overdenture abutment of all time

• Fits more than 180 implants—all of the popular implants used today

• Forgiving ball shape helps to dealwith misaligned implants

• Retaining Cap or Ring—two denture keepers to suit your preference

• Uncomplicated procedure—easy to insert and to maintain at an economical price


Dentists who place implants have expectations based on their experience with implant attachments and overdentures. I can assure you the Sterngold ORA will greatly exceed your every request and desire, likely becoming your preferred attachment system. If you have always used ball and o-ring systems or have delved into ERAs, Locators, or some other exotic attachment, try the ORA. You owe it to yourself, your patients, and staff, because ease of use, reliability, and durability come full circle with the Sterngold ORA. Like me, you will be glad you did!

Dr. Joseph Gillespie
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


Sterngold Dental, LLC

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