Inside Dentistry
January 2015
Volume 11, Issue 1

Better- Fitting Dentures in Half the Time

PALA Digital Denture System

The complexity of denture production often requires multiple appointments before a comfortable fit is achieved. With the new PALA Digital Denture system, only one patient visit is necessary before final delivery. This highly advanced technology uses CAD/CAM design and 3D software to model dentures for a perfect fit—and delivery to patients in a fraction of the time of conventional systems. Productivity and patient satisfaction will soar as a result.

Once an impression or impression scan is received, 3D renderings of the denture are created based on anatomical landmarks captured in the impression. The final denture is then crafted to uncompromising standards. An optional try-in prototype can also be ordered at no additional charge. In addition, the 3D model generated by the system serves as a permanent digital record if a replacement is needed. Explore all the advantages of the PALA Digital Denture system at paladigitaldentures.com to find a PALA Digital Laboratory Partner.

—Heraeus Kulzer

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