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November 2014
Volume 10, Issue 11

Profound Anesthesia for SRP

Oraqix (lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel) for needle-free pain relief

Oraqix (lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel) provides pain relief administration for patients undergoing periodontal scaling and/or root planing (SRP)—a tedious, time-consuming, and often uncomfortable procedure. Oraqix eliminates the needle and provides sufficient anesthesia for most SRP patients to facilitate quick and effective procedures. Dentists and dental hygienists alike can be confident in choosing Oraqix because it is FDA approved with a well-established safety profile.

The unique features of Oraqix make it well suited for today’s dental practices. Because Oraqix is administered needle-free, it is a great anesthetic choice, particularly for patients concerned about receiving an injection. Oraqix offers fast onset, with anesthetizing effects in just 30 seconds, allowing treatment to begin quickly. It’s site specific, so multiple areas of the mouth can be treated in one visit, enabling full-mouth procedures. Pain relief can play a major role in patient outcome, and Oraqix provides sufficient anesthesia for most SRP patients. Duration of effect is approximately 20 minutes, so the patient’s normal sensation is typically returned at the conclusion of the office visit.

Full-Mouth SRP

Full-mouth SRP can enable the entire SRP treatment to be completed in one to two visits instead of the traditional four visits. This could be a great benefit for time-starved patients. It can also save time for your practice by consolidating appointments and reducing chair turnover time. Full-mouth SRP may improve therapeutic results in patients, no matter what anesthetic is used. The reason for this is essentially that treating and removing bacteria at one time, in the entire mouth, may prevent bacteria from translocating to treated areas from untreated areas in between visits.1

Needle-Free Pain Relief

Oraqix is the only FDA-approved, needle-free anesthetic for SRP. A combination of lidocaine and prilocaine, Oraqix is uniquely combined with a patented, thermosetting gel system to deliver pain relief where it’s needed. Combining both of these amide classes into a single treatment provides dual benefits that are important for creating an appropriate anesthetizing effect—fast onset and a duration that should be long enough to work for the entire treatment.

Oraqix is administered topically at and below the gum line. As a liquid at room temperature, Oraqix is effectively applied into periodontal pockets targeted for treatment. Once administered, however, Oraqix thickens at body temperature into an elastic gel. The gel remains in place while the anesthetic takes effect and is removed once scaling is initiated, and the anesthetizing effects cannot be washed away with water.

Since its introduction in 2004, Oraqix has changed the way pain relief is administered and has opened the door for full-mouth SRP procedures. Regardless of whether you do consecutive quadrant scaling or full-mouth periodontal procedures, Oraqix is a great option for delivering profound, needle-free anesthesia.


1. Quirynen M, Bollen CM, Vanderkerckhove BN, et al. Full- vs. partial-mouth disinfection in the treatment of periodontal infections: short-term clinical and microbiological observations. J Dent Res. 1995;74(8):1459-1467.

Important Safety Information

Oraqix is not for injection. Oraqix is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to local anesthetics. Oraqix should not be used in patients with congenital or idiopathic methemoglobinemia. Safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients have not been established. Most common adverse reactions (incidence >15%) are application site reactions including pain, soreness, irritation, numbness, ulcerations, vesicles, edema, abscess and/or redness.

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