Inside Dentistry
November 2014
Volume 10, Issue 11

DentalVibe® Helps Eliminate the Discomfort of Injections

Provide a better patient experience every time

Patient anxiety about pain is the primary challenge that all dental professionals face. According to worlddental.org, 20% of all Americans avoid dental care entirely because of anxiety about pain—and more specifically the pain of dental injections.

The DentalVibe provides a solution to this challenge. DentalVibe uses a unique application of cutting-edge research on the gate control theory of pain to enable the delivery of anesthetic injections without discomfort.

Advanced Technology

The DentalVibe’s patented, microprocessor-controlled VibraPulse® technology delivers a pulsed, percussive vibration to the mucosa with enhanced amplitude, which gently taps the mucosa in a synchronized, changing pattern, making it the ideal neural stimulation to block the painful stimuli of injections.

The vibration impulses travel very quickly along thick, myelinated A-beta nerve fibers at 75 meters/second. By contrast, the pain sensation travels slowly along thin, unmyelinated C nerve fibers at 2 meters/second. When these stimuli are applied simultaneously, the vibration sensation reaches the sensory area of the brain, causing the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters, preventing the activation of projection neurons at the synaptic junction in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. This results in closure of the gate to the pain sensation. The result is a stress-free, comfortable dental experience for all patients.

Excellent Results

Dentists who use the DentalVibe have had outstanding, and sometimes unexpected, results. Dr. Jane A. Soxman, DDS, a pediatric dentist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, says, “The DentalVibe is the first device I’ve seen that helps eliminate the discomfort of an injection.”

“I was somewhat skeptical when approached to trial the DentalVibe. I had a successful shaking technique, which worked well 90% of the time, so I wasn’t expecting different feedback from my patients,” said Dr. Andrea Shepperson, a dental clinician, educator, and clinical consultant. “We were really surprised by the results! In every case, my patients felt the DentalVibe was preferable and requested that it be part of the standard LA procedure at our office. I found the learning curve to be short and instructions easy to follow. I would recommend it to any dentist wanting to grow a practice with a trusted, pain-free, and simple LA technique.”

Practice Support

DentalVibe was invented, patented, and FDA registered by Steven G. Goldberg, DDS, FADFE.

Because the company understands the unique challenges facing dentists, DentalVibe is committed to supporting the dental practices that offer this revolutionary product. Dentists using the DentalVibe can take advantage of practice marketing tools such as the DentalVibe Dentist Locator, Patient Referral Program, national and local print and television ad campaigns, social media marketing initiatives, and more.

DentalVibe is proudly manufactured in the USA, and provided exclusively by BING Innovations, LLC.

For more information, contact:

877-503-VIBE (8423)

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