Inside Dentistry
November 2014
Volume 10, Issue 11

An Interview with LED Dental

David Gane, DDS, Chief Executive Officer

INSIDE DENTISTRY (ID): Samsung is synonymous with technology and innovation. What excites you about the partnership between Ray Co./Samsung and LED Dental?

David Gane, DDS (DG): Samsung is known worldwide as a technology leader in many industries and it’s exciting to see them entering the dental imaging space. The market is only beginning to learn about Samsung’s first entry into dentistry with the RAYSCAN Alpha - Expert, a 2D and 3D extraoral imaging system. We are thrilled to partner with a technology leader of this caliber and very pleased to be their primary distribution partner for the North American market.

ID: Partnering with such a well-known brand requires confidence in your ability to deliver the customer service that people would expect from Samsung. How are you leveraging the LED Dental team to meet customer expectations?

DG: Partnering with a technology innovator of Samsung’s caliber sets the bar extremely high. We have built an amazing team of dental industry veterans with a wealth of experience to support the sales of our high-quality dental imaging equipment like the RAYSCAN Alpha - Expert. And the clinical and technical expertise of our team is second to none. We are definitely up for the challenge.

ID: Recently you travelled to Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, to tour the Ray Co./Samsung manufacturing plant. What were your takeaways from your visit?

DG: Lamar Roberts (president, LED Dental) and I toured the Ray Co./Samsung facility as the guests of Dr. Sangchul Lee, founder and CEO of Ray Co. We met their business leaders, witnessed firsthand their hospitality and culture, and experienced the dedication to quality in their production facility. Precise manufacturing, optimized engineering, and a commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind Samsung’s production team. I have two decades of experience in dental imaging technology and I can say with full confidence that the attention to detail and the quality of the RAYSCAN Alpha - Expert Pan/Ceph/CBCT system is unparalleled in this industry.

ID: What features of the RAYSCAN Alpha - Expert 2D and 3D extraoral imaging system made it a product that you would want to bring to market?

DG: The RAYSCAN Alpha’s high-resolution images have excellent clarity and definition thanks to proprietary features like noise reduction and adaptive moving focus technology. With the industry’s first wireless remote control for patient positioning and integrated LED lighting to intuitively indicate exposure status, the RAYSCAN Alpha provides a streamlined clinical workflow and improved patient comfort. And the award-winning design integrates advanced imaging technology into a beautifully engineered system that maintains a compact footprint for installation into any practice. As the word spreads, it will become a leading player in the North American and global dental imaging markets in the future.

ID: What can we expect to see emerge from this partnership over the next few years?

DG: The future of the Ray Co./Samsung and LED Dental partnership is focused on bringing the very best of Samsung’s innovative dental imaging technology to North America. With the successful launch of the RAYSCAN Alpha in the United States, Samsung and LED Dental are collaborating on the development of additional imaging technologies for the North American market. You can anticipate superior technology, quality, and an ownership experience that is expected from a company like Samsung. For more information, please visit our website at www.leddental.com.

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