Inside Dentistry
October 2014
Volume 10, Issue 10

Practice to Practice

Finding the Shade

I find that when taking shades, clinicians tend to stare at the teeth with a shade tab next to it for far too long, in the hope that it will become clear to them which shade is the best match, only to become more conflicted as time passes. The relationship of the tab to the teeth should be assessed quickly, taking no longer than 5 seconds in concentrated focus. If it cannot be determined during this time, avert your eyes to a neutral background or just simply look around for a few seconds before reassessing the best match. It is also helpful to have more than one individual take the shade.

Chad J. Anderson, MS, DMD
Boston, Massachusetts

Choosing a Hybrid

If a conventional acrylic hybrid implant prosthetic needs maintenance or repair, it normally discomforts the patient for a day or two. Repairs on a porcelain hybrid can be very time-consuming and costly. In the vast majority of cases, composite restorations can be repaired in the mouth within a very short period of time, saving both the clinician and technologist time and money. If deemed necessary, the technician can incorporate different techniques and materials, such as those with greater hardness or modulus of elasticity. It is very important to evaluate what the best treatment option is for the patient on a case-by-case basis.

Robert Sarno, CDT, RDT Pinnacle Dental Laboratory
Chesterfield, Missouri

Easy Access

This tip may not be something new, but it’s effective. Placing composite compule caps on open tray impression coping for final impression eliminates the need for any messy wax. Once the material is set, you just pull the cap off and you have a perfectly clean screw access.

Amanda Seay, DDS
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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