Inside Dentistry
September 2014
Volume 10, Issue 9

Handpiece Maintenance Made Easy

Protect one of a practice’s most valuable assets with NSK’s iCare

NSK recently launched a new handpiece maintenance system called iCare, which makes handpiece care even easier for busy practices with new features designed to increase office productivity and improve cleaning. The best reason to choose a maintenance unit has not changed with this introduction, which is providing consistent cleaning and lubrication with a simple operation. iCare is a four-port maintenance system that includes rotational ports for electric and slow speed e-type handpieces. This unique feature provides consistent, uniform coverage of maintenance oil on the gears, unlike many competitors’ units. The result is better overall maintenance that will help to increase each handpiece’s operating lifespan.

iCare uses a liquid oil cleaner and lubricant that, combined with settings meant to optimize its effectiveness, helps keep annual running costs and total cost of ownership much lower than competitors’ maintenance units that use propellant-type cleaner/lubricants. In fact, a 1-L bottle of iCare maintenance oil will last up to 700 cycles and clean up to 2,800 handpieces.

“iCare was designed to be cost effective for clinicians to integrate into their practice, while protecting their investment in high-quality handpieces,” says Eiichi Nakanishi, NSK president and chief executive officer.

The new chuck cleaning function addresses a problem that many dental offices experience. When burs are stuck inside the handpiece chuck or will not stay firmly in place in the chuck, it is typically caused by a buildup of debris and cutting powder in this area. This causes the “lock-down mechanism” of the chuck to not move freely. Using a simple chuck-cleaning tool that comes with the iCare system, each handpiece chuck can be cleaned quickly (in only 8 to 9 seconds) with an audible alert to tell the user that the cycle has finished. At this point, the user will move on to the standard handpiece maintenance procedure with iCare. When conducted on each handpiece weekly, this simple process will greatly enhance the life of the chuck.

Other user-friendly features were added to make the operation of iCare as easy as possible. LED warning lights are integrated into the unit to alert the user to low oil volume, low air pressure, and open/ajar door. In addition, there are three air purge settings (Short, Medium, and Long) that can be adjusted based on actual handpiece usage and clinician preference (typical setting is medium). The iCare door can be removed, making cleaning of the unit easier, and there are multiple adapters available to connect most high-speed handpiece brands to the system, making it functional in nearly every office. Finally, iCare is compact and can be installed wherever a compressed air line is available.

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