Inside Dentistry
July 2014
Volume 10, Issue 7

New to the Market

To help you make the purchasing decisions, here is a selection of new product offerings from well-known and trusted manufacturers. For more information about any of the products featured this month, mark the corresponding number on the enclosed Reader Service Card.

A | Flexipalettes

Smile Line, USA’s Flexipalettes contrastors are constructed of a sheet of copper over-molded with a black medical-grade silicone that is latex-free, safe, and hypoallergenic. Flexipalettes are absolutely opaque and exhibit no light reflection. The four designs are sold separately or in a set, and may be sterilized in autoclave at 135°C.


B | 430 Flex

DentalEZ Group reintroduces the 430 SWL Flex to its StarDental® 430 handpiece line. Designed with performance-enhancing features, the 430 SWL Flex makes the conversion to the classic StarDental line of high-speed handpieces fast, seamless, and less costly.


C | Legend Frame

Orascoptic introduces the Legend frame, which features adjustable temple arms and saddle nose pad along with a variety of sizes, allowing users to customize for the ideal fit. The Legend supports all types of prescriptions.


D | Zylast

Zylast is a new line of antimicrobial products from Innovative Biodefense, Inc. that kills 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds and offers persistent protection for 6 hours following application. The products are water-based, all natural, triclosan free, and moisturize the hands.


E | Perio Trays® by Perio Protect

Prescription Perio Trays® are innovative tools for periodontal care. They have internal peripheral seals to deliver medication into shallow and deep pockets (>6 mm), ideal for patients with generalized pocketing or struggling between maintenance visits. The Trays are comfortable, convenient, and easy-to-use. Patients appreciate the non-invasive technology and the simple application.


F | D-Lish® Summer Drink Mix™

Young Dental introduces new D-Lish® Summer Drink Mix™ prophy paste in three refreshing flavors—strawberry margarita, mint mojito and piña colada. D-Lish Prophy Paste is Young Dental’s pumice-based formula designed to improve stain removal without messy splatter. This gluten-free paste contains 1.23% fluoride and xylitol. The single-dose packages come in a resealable Stay Fresh™ bag, which includes an autoclavable paste gripper.


G | 3M™ True Definition Scanner and Straumann® CARES® System

3M is pleased to announce a Trusted Connection to dental labs with the Straumann® CARES® System for the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. With this new connection, dentists can restore Straumann implants with original CARES prosthetic solutions from a single intraoral scan. This new digital restoration process is the latest addition to a growing network of Trusted Connections available to dentists with the 3M True Definition Scanner.


H | Fibercone® Posts for Wide/Flared Canals

RTD introduces a specialized “accessory” post that addresses the problem of wide, oval, flared, or otherwise large or irregularly-shaped root treatment spaces when used with a “master” fiber post and any resin cement and core composite. This technique offers a stronger, low-modulus, esthetic, radiopaque, one-appointment, reversible alternative to cast posts.


I | Obtura Spartan® Endodontics

Obtura Spartan® Endodontics is expanding its comprehensive line of endodontic products with the addition of new Flow 150 Gutta-Percha, a superior filling material infused with nano-technology. Designed to work best when heated between 145˚C and 165˚C, this latex-free material is easily manipulated for a longer period of time without cooling or shrinking.


J | Knit-Pak™+

Premier Dental introduces Knit-Pak™+, aluminum chloride impregnated gingival retraction cord ideal to use for tissue displacement and fluid management. KnitPak+’s unique microfibers have very low moisture content with high durability and retention properties.


K | Preppies Plus®

Whip Mix Corporation has introduced new Preppies Plus®. Preppies Plus® is a unit-dose flour of pumice paste specifically formulated with chlorhexidine gluconate, a known antimicrobial agent. Used to prep the tooth surface prior to procedures such as restoration cementation, acid etching, sealants and composite restorations. Each jar of Preppies Plus® contains 100 1.3-g cups.


L | Fast Splint Matrix

Fast Splint Matrix dental glass fiber splinting system from Synca Direct Inc. combines pre-impregnated light curable glass fiber and a unique matrix system. The result is the simplified fabrication and application of orthodontic lingual retainers, perio/trauma splints, and space maintainer/flippers.


M | Access® VPS Impression Materials

Centrix offers 5 different ADA-standard vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) viscosities to maximize accuracy with any technique. Fast-setting Access Blue and regular-setting Access Purple feature mousse-like viscosity for bite techniques. Access Blue sets hard like laboratory plaster in 30 seconds when taking bite registrations, provisional crown preoperative impressions, and so many other “quick” techniques. Low-viscosity Access Gold and medium-viscosity Access Monophase feature hydrophilic additives for high accuracy and low contact angle. High-viscosity Access Heavy features a non-slumping formula to prevent distortion and rebound.


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