Inside Dentistry
May 2014
Volume 10, Issue 5

SmartLite® Focus Pen-Style LED Curing Light

Helping to ensure reliable light curing over greater distances

Light curing is an essential procedural step in the placement of composite resin restorations. Clinicians must deliver sufficient light energy to areas that are often 8 mm or more from the tip of the light source to properly polymerize the restorative material. If insufficient light energy is delivered to the restoration, especially in deep preparations, materials can potentially be “under cured,” which may result in poor outcomes, including decreased bond strengths, microleakage, sensitivity, and recurrent decay. However, when equipped with the proper curing light and using good technique, clinicians can ensure that materials are correctly polymerized to perform optimally in clinical situations.

The NEW SmartLite® Focus Pen-style LED Curing Light from DENTSPLY Caulk is designed to ensure reliable curing all the way to the floor of the proximal box, the most vulnerable interface in a Class II restoration. Add easy one-touch operation, a lightweight design, and excellent intraoral control, and experience simplicity and dependability at its finest.

Uniform Performance Over Distance

Many lights deliver less than 35% of their stated energy output to the floor of a deep proximal box. But not SmartLite Focus. Its collimated light beam reduces light divergence to deliver adequate light energy for curing material 8 mm away—the clinically relevant distance light must travel for a reliable, solid cure on an average Class II restoration. Additionally, SmartLite® Focus optics ensure a homogenous beam profile for uniform performance in the curing area.

Excellent Intraoral Access

The newly designed light probe maximizes intraoral access by providing a 7.5-mm diameter tip that can swivel 330° to achieve proper position anywhere in the mouth. Weighing only 90 g, it is the lightest of market-leading LED curing lights.

Convenient Charging

Smart Recharge Technology checks the battery conditions and initiates the proper charging mode: “automatic quick charging mode” for 5 minutes of cure time with just a 10-minute charge, “standard charging mode” to achieve a full charge in less than 3 hours, and “standby mode,” which prevents overcharging when SmartLite Focus is not is use. The SmartLite Focus replaceable battery pack offers stable energy output even after prolonged storage.


With single-button simplicity for a 20-second curing cycle and ergonomic design, the curing light promotes consistent use across operators. In summary, the features of the SmartLite Focus include:

-- Collimated light beam for reduced divergence

-- Low head profile and long rotatable tip

-- Small, lightweight design

-- One button/one mode: 20-second cure for direct and indirect restorations

-- Nickel metal hydride battery with Smart Recharge Technology

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