Inside Dentistry
May 2014
Volume 10, Issue 5

Access Refinement

The latest addition to EDS’ quality line of endodontic clinical devises is their fracture-resistant piezo ultrasonic tips. EDS Tips are advancing two key factors in endodontic success—access cavity refinement and canal orifice location. Developed by leading endodontists, EDS Ultrasonic Tips make ultrasonic procedures more cost effective, predicable, and quicker. 

Superior strength, cutting efficiency, and unbeatable clinical results make EDS Tips the dentists’ number one choice in endodontic access refinement, post removal, and passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI). EDS Tips scientifically designed MicroHatch cutting pattern provides the highest fracture resistance available, superior cutting efficiency, less clogging of dentinal debris, a remarkable field of view, and great working precision. EDS is offering two great introductory specials: buy one get one free tip refills, or buy an introductory kit containing six tips, and get two free tips.

Less clogging of dentinal debris

Superior cutting efficiency

Highest fracture resistance available


EZ-Fill Obturation is performed in seconds with a simple, predictable, cost effective technique. This room temperature obturation system creates a lateral flow of cement to ensure a complete three-dimensional fill.

Cement is driven laterally, not apically

Unlike thermoplastic techniques, there is no shrinkage upon cooling

Thoroughly coats the walls of the root canal and lateral canals without significant cement being forced apically

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