Inside Dentistry
April 2014
Volume 10, Issue 4

ET III SA Implants

Providing clinicians a complete implant package

The ET III SA Implant (ET III) is HIOSSEN’s most popular implant on the market. Manufactured with pure titanium metal and equipped with a sandblasted and acid-etched (SA) surface, the ET III is ideal for surgical placement in the upper or lower jaw arches. The ET III provides many benefits for both the clinician who places the implant as well as the patient who receives a well-fitted, reliable implant. The ET III is backed by extensive research and development based on a large number of implants created for the HIOSSEN line.*

The SA surface treatment of the ET III employs the pluri-potential capacity of osteoblastic cells to shorten bone-healing time, provide early cell response, and improve secondary attachment force and integration with the bone. Providing convenient placement and initial stability, the optimal body design of the ET III features a number of different open thread designs that help to prevent bone necrosis, reinforce fixture strength and stability, and facilitate easy path change. The corkscrew thread design provides both self-tapping and path-correcting ability while delivering smooth insertion and feel. In fact, ET III yields ideal conditions for immediate and early loading after 6 weeks of placement. Moreover, integrated platform switching of the ET III creates an environment for a wide range of aesthetic options.

The internal hex design of the ET III is available in four different diameters: 3.5, 4, 4.5, and 5 mm, and includes packaging for no-mount fixtures and pre-mounted fixtures (Fixture + Mount + Cover screw). The ET III has two types of abutment connection specifications: the Mini Connection for the 3.5 fixture, and the Standard Connection for the other diameters. Unlike the Mini Connection that must be used with a separate abutment, the Standard Connection can be used with the same abutment for fixtures larger than 4.0, regardless of the diameter.

In summary, some of the key features of ET III SA Implants include:

• Ideal conditions allow for immediate and early loading

• Optimal body design allows for greater primary stability and facilitates easy path change

• A number of different threads help prevent bone necrosis, and reinforce fixture strength and stability

• Backed by extensive research and development*

• Available in a wide variety of sizes

With each ET III implant, HIOSSEN provides clinicians a complete implant package. Jordan K. Grant, DMD, says, “The ET III SA system is the easiest implant system I have ever worked with. Placement is smooth and efficient; it makes my implant procedures very predictable without causing any unnecessary patient discomfort. I’ve experienced nothing but great results using ET III SA Implants.” HIOSSEN offers not only the ET III implant, but also the most advanced and thorough training courses possible.

*Documentation available upon request

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