Inside Dentistry
January 2014
Volume 10, Issue 1

Practice to Practice

Gloves for all

Color code gloves by size. For example, blue is large and pink is small, so you never have the wrong size. Switch everything to latex free so you never worry about a patient >with latex allergies.

John C. Kois, DMD, MSD
Seattle, Washington


Make the most of amalgam

For those clinicians who still use amalgam, especially for posterior interproximal restorations and large build-ups, sometimes getting a properly contoured restoration at the cavosurface margin is a challenge. Using a sharp periodontal curette, especially a Columbia 4R/4L or Barnhart 5/6 with a long blade, will give the length needed to reach both interproximally and subgingivally to properly carve the restoration and remove any potential overhang. This instrument is much more effective than using a Hollenback carver for the margins.

Francis G. Serio, DMD, MS, MBA
Bluefield, Virginia


Custom referrals

We don’t fill out specialists’ referral slips for many reasons. Patients see what you are writing, and they may forget to bring it to the specialist. Plus, the specialists don’t have enough time to be prepared for what they are seeing.

So we have our own referral slips for the specialists. They are emailed directly to the office, so patients never see it, and the specialists already know what is going on before the patient makes an appointment. We have a copy for our records as well.

Amanda Seay, DDS
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


Patient identification

In our practice, the dental assistant writes the patient’s name in big letters on the drape using a thick, felt-tipped marker, so when the dentist enters the operatory, she/he knows immediately who is seated for treatment.

Ted Croll, DDS
Nancy Cohen, Senior Dental Assistant
Doylestown, Pennsylvania



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