Inside Dentistry
January 2014
Volume 10, Issue 1

Burbank Dental Laboratory’s Zir-MAX.M

Designing beautiful smiles to last

Zir-MAX.M, Burbank Dental Laboratory’s proprietary full/monolithic zirconia, is one of America’s leading full-zirconia restorations. The whole industry is transitioning to CAD/CAM restorations, and Burbank is “all-in” with its commitment to this technology. Burbank did not want to just go with the flow. Nevertheless, it wanted to be a positive trendsetter.

Burbank Dental Laboratory did not just want to offer a bland zirconia restoration—it had to be distinctively more esthetic and consistent than the mass-produced zirconia crowns out on the market. This project initiated an ongoing global search for the best zirconia material, as well as for design and milling systems that would provide the characteristics desired by dental clinicians. As a result, Zir-MAX.M was born, and has received an enthusiastic response from Burbank’s customers because of its consistent fit, translucency, beautiful color blends, and vitality.

Next Evolutionary Leap Forward

In the past 4 years, Zir-MAX.M has evolved and improved, and now Burbank Dental Laboratory has a second tier, the Zir-MAX.M-Smiles By Design (Z-SBD). This restoration has hand-painted color infiltrated in a strategic transitioned manner that mimics a layered look and has depths up to 1.5 mm. This benefits the dentist because the color will not be affected if occlusal adjustment is required. Another benefit of Z-SBD is that the occlusal surface is polished, which complies with what most clinical research defines as delivering the best wear rates for full-zirconia crowns. This restoration has a higher fee than standard Zir-MAX.M, but is perfect for more cosmetic areas that still require the functional strength of monolithic zirconia.

Digital Workflow On the Rise

The era of digital/virtual impressions is here, with the technology gaining more market share every year. With Zir-MAX.M, Burbank Dental Laboratory is prepared to be a leader in this revolutionary direction in dentistry.

Burbank is staying on top of this evolution by accepting all of the major impression scanning systems’ digital files. Burbank Dental Laboratory uses the digital files to produce model-free, digitally fabricated Zir-MAX.M crowns, or they can use 3D printing technology to create incredibly accurate resin models that are well suited for larger cases and restorations where porcelain layering is desired.

Burbank continues to push the envelope, striving for an ever-increasing level of excellence in both esthetics and clinical accuracy.

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