Inside Dentistry
December 2013
Volume 9, Issue 12

Introducing Orbit® for Kids Gum

A new tool to help protect teeth on the go

With more than two decades of clinical research and consumer outreach, Wrigley has become a leader in helping oral care professionals and patients better understand the role of sugar-free gum in a proper oral care routine. Wrigley’s state-of-the-art Global Innovation Center was established in 2005 to foster ongoing innovation around product research and development. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the three-story laboratory and office building also serves as the company’s global headquarters.

Benefits of Sugar-Free Gum

One of the center’s most recent innovations is Wrigley’s new Orbit® for Kids sugar-free chewing gum. Because tooth decay is the leading chronic illness among children,1 it is critical that dental practitioners continue to educate patients about how to help protect their teeth. One simple and convenient way is to chew sugar-free gum on the go after meals and between brushings.

The benefit of chewing sugar-free gum lies in its ability to help stimulate saliva flow, which in turn can help protect teeth by neutralizing plaque acids and clearing the mouth of food debris. Orbit for Kids gum has been recognized for these oral health benefits and has been awarded the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. Additionally, Orbit for Kids gum is a fun and convenient supplement to family oral care routines that parents can feel good about giving their children—and for kids, it’s a tasty treat.

Orbit for Kids gum is available in kid-friendly package designs and sugar-free flavors including Strawberry Banana and Original Bubble Gum. The gum is sold in 14-piece envelopes (perfect for parents) and multi-Pack bags with ten six-piece micro-packs (great for little hands). Patient education materials to help spark the conversation about simple ways to supplement patients’ oral care routines, including the benefits of sugar-free gum, are free to download at wrigleydentalcare.com.

An On-the-Go Option

Amanda Seay, DDS, is a general dental practitioner, mother of four children, and owner of a private dental practice in South Carolina. In working with Wrigley to introduce Orbit for Kids gum to both dental professionals and patients, she cautions that in the nearly 12 hours between brushings, patients’ teeth are highly susceptible to plaque acid attacks. “Many patients don’t realize teeth are at risk during this time, so I make sure to tell parents that after food or drink, when brushing is not an option, chewing a sugarfree gum like Orbit for Kids gum can help protect teeth throughout the day,” she says.

To learn more about Orbit for Kids gum or access patient education tools, visit www.wrigleydentalcare.com/orbitgumforkids.


1. Facts About Tooth Decay. National Children’s Oral Health Foundation website. www.ncohf.org/resources/tooth-decay-facts. Accessed August 22, 2013.

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