Inside Dentistry
December 2013
Volume 9, Issue 12

Healthgrades® Enhanced Profiles from Sesame Communications

Getting new patient appointments just got a whole lot easier

New patients are the lifeblood of your dental practice. The Healthgrades Enhanced Profile from Sesame puts your practice at the forefront of prospective patients looking to make an appointment with a new dental care provider in your local area. Healthgrades.com is the number one source for consumers seeking comprehensive, trustworthy dental practice information. More than 20 million annual searches for dental care providers are conducted on this site.

Healthgrades.com attracts prospective patients that represent the ideal demographic for dentistry: they are overwhelmingly female (72%), highly educated (84% with post-secondary education), and affluent (52% represent households with an annual income of $75,000 or higher). Most importantly, Healthgrades users do not just search—they schedule appointments. When Enhanced Profiles are available, more than half (54%) of Healthgrades visitors will schedule an appointment. Among those who schedule, an astounding 95% make an appointment within the first week they search, and 38% schedule the same day.

Although Healthgrades offers a free standard profile, it limits your ability to represent your brand effectively and convert visitors into new patients. Healthgrades now offers Enhanced Profiles (available through Sesame Communications), which give dental practices unparalleled access to high-value prospective patients.

Enhanced Profiles from Sesame offer several strategic advantages over standard profiles, including:

Priority placement in Healthgrades search results. An Enhanced Profile gives your practice higher placement and greater visibility by rotating your practice profile in the Preferred Provider category at the top of the search results. More visibility means more opportunities for prospective patients to select your practice and schedule an appointment. Because data show that visitors will review 1.9 profiles during their stay on Healthgrades.com, being in the top two spots is critical.

Automatically published and verified quality patient reviews. With an Enhanced Profile and the activation of Dental Sesame, verified, high-quality reviews are automatically published. By ensuring the vast majority of patient reviews are verified, Enhanced Profiles give prospective patients confidence that your review ratings are accurate and credible.

Easy, click-to-request appointments. Enhanced Profiles allow patients to request an appointment with your practice by simply clicking a button, which helps optimize the conversion of new patients. The Enhanced Profile also features a prominently displayed phone number.

Comprehensive, branded doctor and practice information. Healthgrades research shows that visitors spend four times longer on Enhanced Profiles than on standard profiles. Enhanced Profiles offer comprehensive doctor and practice content and branding to give prospective patients a better understanding of your practice and capabilities.

Tracked ROI of your Healthgrades responses. Activating an Enhanced Profile allows your practice to track every new patient call and online appointment request received through Healthgrades.com. These important data let you easily see how effective your practice’s Healthgrades profile is.

A Healthgrades Enhanced Profile is your best opportunity to engage the valuable, highly-targeted Healthgrades audience and fill your schedule with new patients. To learn more, visit sesamecommunications.com/healthgrades or call 888-263-3159.


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