Inside Dentistry
November 2013
Volume 9, Issue 11

LSK121 Chairside Shade Guide

Seasons of Life series reduces the guesswork of shade matching

The Chairside Shade Guide Seasons of Life 3.0-5.0 is a series of porcelain ceramic shade tabs that matches natural tooth colors and reflects the existing dentition of patients from all stages of life. The Seasons of Life Shade Tabs are divided into innovative categories, with 20 colors in each grouping (Figure 1). Guesswork about how the final shade will look when finished is a thing of the past.

These Chairside Shade Guides are porcelain ceramic rather than laminated commercial paper or acrylic, meaning that more realistic color comparisons and reproductions are possible. In addition, because the tabs are porcelain, they can be sterilized after each use.

Choosing a Shade Guide

Chairside Shade Guide 3.0

Historically, precise cosmetic color guidelines have not been available. For cosmetic procedures, in which esthetics is the primary concern, it is usually preferred to have bright color with translucency, light with warm tones. The tabs in this series, Cosmetic (6 colors) and Young (14 colors), are created with that in mind. The enamel colors are bright (white) and medium-white. There is also a higher composition of dentin with enamel overlay in this group to reflect the natural appearance of young teeth. Also included are opal and translucent shades, as well as variations of white calcification, different colors of mamelon, and bright enamel with higher dentin.

Chairside Shade Guide 4.0

Middle Years (20 colors) includes additional variations and a 20% to 30% reduction of color in enamel. Three white calcification possibilities and a variety of translucency with mamelon are included, demonstrating the lower enamel and higher translucency color typical for middle-aged teeth.

Chairside Shade Guide 5.0

In the Later Years group (20 colors), dentin color is intense in appearance, with transparency over the top. Brown, orange, gray, and yellow are the color choices—subtle, moderate and heavy, with varying degrees of strength. Modifications and possible staining must be included if the restoration is to match.

Mimicking Nature

The revolutionary approach of the Seasons of Life series is that the different dentin and enamel colors for the porcelain ceramic shade tabs are created though a careful and precise layering process that mimics natural dentition. This includes variations for deep translucency, the mamelon effect, white calcification, and opal blue coloring. These components and dentin/enamel combinations create incisal translucency with modifications, duplicated precisely according to LSK121’s research conducted with patients from the appropriate age groups.

The Chairside Shade Guide Seasons of Life system incorporates modifications such as enamel overlay and dentin color, incisal edge, halo, translucency, transparency, bleaching color, mamelon, and calcification, and presents them in one shade tab. The clinician will never have to guess which modifications to add to the restoration because everything is already included.

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